Islabikes Beinn 26

logo/ 11+ / £349.99

Islabikes Beinn 26Saddle detailChainset detail

Islabikes Beinn 26 Large

logo/ 11+ / £349.99

Adult sized wheels but this is not an adult sized bike. Scaled to suit the dimensions of a growing child the Beinn 26 can be equipped for mountain biking, going to school or touring – the choice is yours.

Weight: 9.86 kg

Lightweight 7005 T6 aluminium frame, proportional geometry

Cro-moly forks

8sp wide ratio Sram X4 gears with light action shifter

You will have noticed that single chainrings and wide ratio blocks have been selected for most of our bikes. We have observed that children struggle to understand how to use multiple chainrings effectively, and usually end up using only one ring. The arrival on the market of very wide ratio cassettes has allowed us to specify a single ring and still provide an appropriate range of gears, giving your child something they will find easier to operate with the added advantage of being lighter and lower maintenance.

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Short reach aluminium brake levers with V brakes give powerful, light action braking with small hands

Very lightweight wheels with quick release hubs

Our rims use a box section extrusion rather than the weaker ‘U’ section commonly found on kids and cheaper bikes. A box section is stronger so wheels stay true for longer.

Quick release wheels allow the wheels to be removed in seconds without tools. This means you don’t need to carry a heavy spanner on rides in case you puncture, and also makes it easy to remove wheels when putting the bike in a car.

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Exclusive child specific component set

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