What is a balance bike?

A Balance Bike is a simplified bike which has no pedals. Designed for children as young as 24 months, the aim is to give the child an opportunity to begin to learn how to ride without the complication of pedals. They make what is essentially a complex skill for a young child much more fun and relaxed by dividing the learning process into two manageable stages.

The aim of a Balance Bike is to focus on learning how to balance and to then let steering come naturally. By having no pedals the child can concentrate on learning the art of balance by sitting on the saddle and propelling themselves forward with a striding motion, keeping one or two feet on the ground at all times. You will know when the child has learnt to balance as they will confidently lift both feet off the ground while they whizz along.

Our Rothan comes with a rear V-brake placed neatly out of the way of scooting legs underneath the frame. It’s operated by Islabikes’ exclusive micro brake lever, specially designed for the tiniest of rider's hands.

Once balancing and steering are mastered, children will then find it far easier to learn how to ride their first pedal bike. Most children make the coordination developments required to enable them to learn to pedal and balance simultaneously at some point between the age of 3½ and 4½. A balance bike will take them up to that point.