Teach your child to use a balance bike

A balance bike is an ideal second birthday present and gives your child the perfect introduction to cycling, building confidence and developing skills in a fun way.

Which bike?

Essentially a simplified bike which has no pedals, a balance bike helps to develop balance and steering skills before moving on to pedaling. When choosing a balance bike consider its weight, design and quality. Our Rothan is exceptionally light which makes manoeuvring easy. Importantly, we’ve fitted our exclusive micro reach brake lever and small diameter handlebar, enabling a secure hold and light, effective braking for tiny hands. 


Choose a suitable location - a safe, large, open space that allows your budding cyclist to wobble at will is ideal. Choose tarmac or very short firm grass. Avoid soft grass which will hinder momentum and balance.

Should they wear a helmet?

This is for you as a parent to decide. We sell helmets suitable for a child of this age which should still fit when they are ready to move up to their first pedal bike.


First, adjust the saddle height so when sat your child can get both feet flat on the floor with a slight bend in the knee.

Your child can now concentrate on learning the art of balance by sitting on the saddle and propelling themselves forward with a striding motion. Steering and braking skills will develop naturally as they gain experience. 

Keep calm and encourage

It’s only natural to worry about your child as they race off into the distance, but try and stay calm. This is a good opportunity to allow a little independence whilst still being on hand for encouragement and support. Bumps and falls will happen; when they do it is important that you react calmly, check the child is ok and then check the bike is ok. Any damage to the bike should be checked by a qualified cycle mechanic.

Ready to move on?

The Rothan will last until the point your child is ready to balance and pedal at the same time. For most children this coordination development happens between the ages of 3 ½ and 4 ½. You will know when balance has been mastered as they will confidently lift both feet off the ground as they whizz along. Having given them the perfect start, your child will now find it far easier to make the transition to their first pedal bike, avoiding stabilisers altogether.