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The perfect first step in learning to ride

Give your child time and freedom to focus on balancing in the saddle on our Rothan and make the transition to a pedal bike seamless.

We've seen countless Rothan riders hop onto their first Islabike pedal bike and ride unaided in a matter of minutes.

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The smaller the rider, the more important a bike’s weight and size

The Rothan frame is made from high quality, lightweight 7005 T6 aluminium, bringing the bike’s total weight down to just 3.2kg. We’ve designed it to fit riders with a minimum inside leg length of 30cm, enabling children from two years to scoot along. We know toddlers can be just as choosy as older riders therefore the Rothan comes in four beautiful colours.

Balance bikes are all about control so we’ve kept it simple

The Rothan is fitted with an Islabikes aluminium stem and our custom small diameter aluminium handlebar. This combined with our exclusive slim grips means the smallest of hands can control the bike easily. Meanwhile our integral steering limiter stops the bars spinning right round avoiding an unnecessary tangle.

Fast, fun, and fitted with a brake

Balance bike riders aren’t slow. That’s why the Rothan comes with a rear V-brake placed neatly out of the way of scooting legs underneath the frame. It’s operated by Islabikes’ exclusive micro brake lever, specially designed for the tiniest of rider's hands.

Little wheels with a lot of detail

The Rothan rolls on Islabikes’ exclusive 12 inch aluminium rims and hubs with narrow axles and Allen key bolts. These rounded bolts mean that a Rothan rider’s ankles won’t catch them painfully when their legs are outstretched, and parents’ ankles won’t be knocked by them when it’s being carried. Fitted with Islabikes’ own puncture resistant tyre, riders can enjoy the full comfort of a real bike.

Not a bike saddle: a balance bike saddle

The Rothan’s low slung ‘scoop’ saddle has been purposely designed for our balance bike. It’s comfy and perfectly sized to get the rider’s feet on the floor, allowing them to really make the most of this unique little machine.

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