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An enticing blend of confident, trail honed handling and high spec performance.

The Creig Pro Series is the perfect partner for conquering technical trails or when riding flat-out, pushing your limits on race day.

Tough but perfectly formed

Smooth welded, ultra-light 7005 aluminium frame with curved down tube. Proportionally designed for excellent fit with tube profiles optimised for strength, performance and low weight.

Constructed from smooth welded 7005 aluminium and finished in a durable satin grey, the Creig Pro Series frames feature Islabikes proportional fit and geometry. Curved downtube and shaped stays enhance frame durability and ride responsiveness. Integrated headsets enable us to keep the front of the bike as low as possible, giving a more efficient riding position and feeling of connection with the trail.

As with all Islabikes, the frames feature painstakingly researched and refined geometry and sizing specifically developed for young riders. Our holistic approach means that all components are carefully selected to complement each other, working together to ensure perfect fit and handling. The result is a more comfortable bike that not only instils confidence in the rider but optimises efficiency for an exciting, involving riding experience.

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Tuneable control

Rockshox 30 TK Gold air forks are a great match for the Creig, giving tuneable, trail smoothing performance. This lightweight, quality fork inspires confidence and can be locked out for efficiency when sprinting or climbing.

30mm stanchions are ideal for the Creig rider for whom the fork remains suitably stiff whilst offering a weight-saving advantage over burlier models. 30mm stanchions also offer lower "stiction" than wider iterations, meaning the fork works better when adjusted to lower pressures. The air spring is easily tuneable to personal preferences and fork characteristics can be tweaked with the hydraulic lockout and adjustable rebound controls.

Extended range

Equipped with 11 speed Sram GX drivetrains for a very wide range of gears with the simplicity of a single chainring.

We've fitted the Pro Series Creigs with an 11 speed, 11 – 42t Shimano XT cassette giving a very wide gearing range ideally suited to more extreme off-road gradients and trail conditions. Easy and intuitive with a light action, Sram GX gripshift means the rider retains full control at all times with very quick, seamless gear shifts as the terrain changes. Combined with a clutch equipped rear mech and single narrow/wide chainring this set up delivers reliable, versatile off-road performance.

Braking taken a step further

Sram DB5 hydraulic disc brakes are adjusted by us for very short reach and provide smooth, consistently powerful braking.

Our testing has shown that with Sram brakes the lever pivot is closer to the handlebar than many of the alternatives which works better with smaller hands, particularly when the reach of the lever is adjusted close to the bar. Coming from the same component stable the lever shape also mates naturally with the Sram gripshift, forming a tidy, comfortable control set up.

Durable, yet light

Tucked away and out of sight, bottom brackets are often a "hidden nasty", even on high end bikes. Not so with our Pro Series.

If you look closely you'll find a premium Token bottom bracket, featuring hollow titanium axle with carbon fibre shell for very light weight, durability and smooth pedalling performance.We use cartridge bottom brackets as they are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning that we can factor in the perfect width axle when developing our exclusive low Q factor cranks. One of the many very small Pro Series details which add up to the best possible performance for smaller riders.

Ditch your inner tubes

A tubeless ready set up brings a lightweight advantage and traction benefits for the committed mountain biker.

Convert to tubeless for lighter weight and the ability to run lower pressures. The resulting increases in tyre grip and ride comfort make a real difference on the trail. The Creig Pro Series feature Stan's tubeless ready Crest rims; an excellent option for lighter riders. Laced to Islabikes superlight aluminium disc hubs with stainless, double butted spokes and aluminium nipples, the result is a race-light, tubeless ready wheelset that's tough enough to take to the trails. To top things off we've fitted hollow axle cro-moly quick release skewers, weighing a svelte 61 grams, saving critical weight for race day

To complement our wheelset we've chosen Schwalbe "Rocket Ron" tyres. A quick rolling and grippy tread design, these excellent tyres are lightweight and tubeless ready.

Keeping the power down

A narrow/wide aluminium chainring combined with a clutch equipped rear derailleur provides dependable chain retention whilst eliminating the need for additional chainguides.

Narrow/wide chainrings have an alternating tooth profile which is formed to match the alternating inner profile of the chain. This results in a better interface between the chain and chain ring which in turn significantly improves chain retention with single ring setups. The Pro Series Creigs fitted with a 32t aluminium narrow wide ring. The 104 BCD Pro Series chainset means that this is easily interchangeable for racers looking to fine-tune their gearing ratios.

The Sram GX Type 2 rear mech has a clutch mechanism which prevents movement of the derailleur arm when in gear, reducing variations in chain tension which can cause the chain to derail when riding over rough terrain. Combined with the narrow wide chainring, this removes the need for additional chain guards or guides which not only simplifies the drivetrain but saves weight.

Maximising rider input

Correct crank lengths are essential for pedalling efficiency and comfort.

More than just a shorter crank arm, Pro Series aluminium cranks are specifically sized for smaller riders and designed for very low Q factor and light weight.

Q factor is the distance between the cranks which dictates the spacing of the pedals. This is a particularly important consideration for smaller riders where, as a result of being shorter in the leg, the feet need to be closer together. The Creig cranks have a very low Q factor of 135mm, which combined with 140mm (Creig 24) and 152mm (Creig 26) arms maximise comfort and ensure pedalling efficiency. This low Q factor also means we can reduce the bottom bracket height to improve standover whilst maintaining a safe "lean angle" - important in helping to reduce pedal strikes when cornering.

The crank arms benefit from a tough, black anodised finish, whilst outer faces are polished, resisting scuffs and rub marks which help to ensure the cranks retain their good looks.

Race ready componentry

Pro Series Creigs are ready to race with components selected to save weight and bring out the very best in the rider. Some other spec highlights include:

A super slim 25.4mm seatpost offers light weight whilst providing additional ride comfort for lighter riders.

Islabikes proportional junior saddle design mated to hollow cro-mo rails for weight savings over our already light regular saddle.

Finally, a very light KCNC Flyride aluminium stem and seatclamp with CNC weight saving detail.