Front and rear mudguards for Luath 700 small

Before May 2016 £24.99 Buy Now
From May 2016 £24.99 Buy Now

If you received your bike before April 2016 please choose 'Before April 2016'. For new bikes and those ordered from April 2016 please choose 'From April 2016'.

Technical Specification

Full wraparound front and rear 'cromo-plastic' mudguards with stainless steel stays. Keeps the rider cleaner when riding on wet surfaces.

If you are ordering with a new bike please choose "From May 2016" version of the mudguards.

When a bike and accessories are ordered together, our expertly trained mechanics will fit the accessories for you.

WARNING regarding mudguards fitted to Luath 700S and Luath 700L: When fitting mudguards with a larger tyre, if the rider has large feet there is a possibility that the foot could contact the mudguard when making a slow tight turn – known as 'toeclip overlap'. This could cause the rider to fall from the bike.

If you are unsure which mudguards will fit your bike please call us on 01584 856 881 or email


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