Reviews of Beinn 20 Small / Age 5+

Great bike - tolles Fahrrad Andrea on Sep 14, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Wir haben ein BEINN 20 small im deutschen Onlineshop bestellt und es wurde innerhalb weniger Tage unkompliziert geliefert. Für unseren sehr großen 5-jährigen Sohn (118cm) hat das Fahrrad eine ideale Größe. Er hat sich drauf gesetzt und ist direkt los gesaust. Das war bei vergleichbaren Rädern (z.B. Kokua) nicht der Fall. Nur das Schalten muss er jetzt noch üben. Das Fahrrad ist sehr leicht (leichter als die meisten Laufräder!) und toll verarbeitet. Alle Komponenten (Räder, Schaltung, Bremsen) sind qualitativ hochwertig. Wir sind trotz des sehr hohen Preises begeistert! We bought our BEINN 20 small bike at the German online shop for my 5-years old son (he's very tall with 118cm). Our son love his bike! The bike is very light and all the different components are from great quality. Despite the high Price we are very satisfied with this great bike.

Best bike Jeanne Mathiesen on Sep 09, 2017

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I just ordered a Beinn 26 small for my eldest son, because we are so satisfied with the Beinn 20. Soon the little one is going to get that. The condition is as good as new. The next bike I am going to buy for myself is an Islabike 😊

Great bike Anton Glinski on Jun 10, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Bought this as a Xmas present for my 6 year old. Taught him to ride from scratch in 45 minutes having followed the advice in the Isla Bikes learn to ride video. He loves the bike especially with the gears. The quality is great and although comparatively expensive it is nice and light for him to handle, this is what you pay for as against the cheap very heavy child's bikes on the high street. We have just returned from a six mile ride and he loved it with no complaints.

Isla small Gavin on May 05, 2017

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We had the opportunity to buy one of these kids bikes second hand , it is phenomenal & my son can't stay off it . Please spend the money and buy your kid one of these , it encompasses the joy of cycling all round & will not look back on cheaper versions. Thankyou from the Longworth's , we all enjoy cycling now ,!! No limits

Excellent ! Andy MacKellar on Mar 13, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We have two of these in the family at the moment, and both have been with us for quite a while.... the 24" since around 2014, which is still in great shape, though needs plenty of work as it has been used enthusiastically by 3 children now. It will still clearly be sellable after that proving it was worth the extra investment, and that it has encouraged kids to get involved.


Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

In March of this year I pre-ordered a green Beinn 20 small for my 6 year old son who is a little on the small side for his age. But after measuring him and cross referencing against the Islabikes chart I found that he was exactly on the minimum measurement for this bike. I wasn’t 100 percent sure I was doing the right thing by getting a bike that could be a little on the large side for him but I thought it’s probably better he struggle with it a bit as he would be able to get a few years use out of it. I needn’t have worried although bike is at the limit of what he could ride it’s so light and well balanced and well-proportioned he had no problems at all riding it. And although it was his first bike after his balance bike he was on and gone in a matter of minutes. The gears as many have said are easy to go up gears but he does struggle going down and sometimes I have to help him but this has got easier the more he has used them. The bike it’s self looks brilliant and he is as proud as punch to be riding it as most kids and even parents comment on how nice it looks. It works perfectly and everything on it has a quality feel that you would only normally get on an adult bike. It is really light so he has no problems pedalling it up some quite steep hills but it is by no means flimsy and has a solid build quality on the frame and all the components. In short this bike is brilliant. It is expensive and there is no doubt about that, but you are getting bang for your buck as it is a quality product that if looked after will last for years and get you a good amount of money when sold second hand. On top of all this I would like to make special comment about Islabikes customer service. As I said before the bike was pre-ordered, this was done so as to arrive before my son’s birthday. But when it came to be shipped there was a scratch on the forks. Islabikes rang to tell me the problem and they offered to send me the bike with an unscratched pair of forks that where a different colour and a discount on the price and this way he would have a bike on his birthday. I didn’t really want the bike to have different coloured forks. So as a compromise I offered to have the forks removed and send them back when they had a replacement of the same colour to send me. The gentlemen on the phone said he would have to ask the boss so he put me on hold for a minute. When he came back he said that that there was no need to swap the forks as they would swap the whole bike for a new one when they got there next shipment. I was obviously over the moon at this and they even sent the bike with the unscratched forks on it. When it came to swapping the bikes over they paid the shipping cost which I offered to pay as they had been so helpful but they insisted they pay for it. I had taken care not to damage the loan bike or get it too dirty but I though one of the rims was marked where the brakes had been used so rather than send it back like that I swapped that wheel onto the new bike and sent the new bike wheel and tyre back on the loan bike. After a few days I received a telephone call thanking me for taking good care of the loan bike and informing me I had sent the wrong wheel back. I explained to them what I had done and why but they said the tyres were different and didn’t match as they had started using their own brand of tyre. So they had posted the new tyre back to me. This is customer services that some other much larger companies should take note of. I would also like to say that all the staff I spoke to on the phone where extremely polite helpful knowledgeable and a credit to the company. Thank you very much for all you did to make my son’s birthday one he will not forget.

Ace bike Gill on Oct 13, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

We bought the Benin 20 small for our daughters 5th birthday. As we live too far away we were unable to go and test them out so was hesitant to buy as they are not cheap! After using the measuring guide and speaking to a very helpful man at Islabikes we decided to purchase the bike and our daughter absolutely loves it. The size is perfect and she mastered the gears within minutes. At the same time of ordering the bike I decided to order the mudguards and bike stand, these obviously came fitted on a the bike which made it easier for us! Great bike.

Create a love of cycling Glen on Oct 12, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Islabikes are directly responsible for both of our boys' love for cycling. That's all you need to know. If you are looking for the details, here goes... In the 3+ years our boys have both owned Islabikes' Beinn 20 smalls, friends' kids have seen three non-Islabikes come and go. Friends have easily spent over and above our initial investment in Islabikes. Now, after 3 years of solid use, our eldest is moving up to the Creig 26. He is currently counting down the days from 46 until his birthday (with a photo of it on his bedroom wall!!). We will see a return of two-thirds of the original purchase price from the sale of the Beinn 20 small. If I had the time to create a spreadsheet and chart the cost vs. resale value, over time, I am confident I could prove that owning a bike by Islabikes costs less than owning one of the many low-cost, low-quality, clumsily-heavy, poorly proportioned non-Islabikes (or Ironbikes as we call any bike that is not made by Islabikes!!!). The benefits of Islabikes sees a long list of features such as technical, practical and logical attributes. But the one unquantifiable fact is that our boys love cycling because of Islabikes, more than any other toy or game they own. Even my spreadsheet can't chart that! I suspect there is a direct correlation between the friends we have - introduced to Islabikes by us - who's kids have a love for cycling. PS: Islabikes are also a great conversation starter between like-minded parents :-) Niggles (that I am sure have been addressed in newer versions): - Handle-bar grips become lose. - Screws on the front chain guard come lose and fall off. With hindsight, more regular maintenance by me and a bit of extra glue would have prevented these niggles. --Beinn 20 small (purchased: July 2013)

Just get one! T Jordan on Oct 03, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My small 6 year old son, had had such a frustrating time trying to ride a (old and heavy) hand me down bike, he said he was not going to ride a bike EVER!! We were recommended islabikes by a neighbour, we called in on a Saturday and Jim measured him up, and let him have a go on the little track. He really was almost riding, and within 5 minutes at home he was riding all by himself! Just get one, it's a no brainier! Thanks Islabikes, the look on his face when he realised he can ride was awesome to see.

Extraordinary bikes! Darren Day on Sep 19, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

We bought a Beinn 20 for my sons 4th birthday. We went to the shop to see the range and check suitability. So glad we did as we had it planned to get a first bike with gears. The staff at the shop are very professional and measured my son and gave advice on the best bike. They adjusted one from the shop so he could have a go on the little track next to the shop. My son had used a Isla bike balance bike for 9 months and had a good sense of balance but I didn't expect him to ride a 20" bike on his second attempt around the track. We bought the bike there and then and had to wait only 20 minutes for it to be ready. They even fitted a bottle cage and his name to the frame. Very happy with the bike and service. We took him to the park later in the day and he rode for 2.5 miles no problems. He got the hang of the brakes as well. For now we have left it in 2nd gear but we know that as he gets more confident he can start to use the gears and get more from the bike. Extraordinary bike and extraordinary service.

A brilliant tool for getting out on longer rides. John Morrissey on Sep 12, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My 6 year old has begun to out grow his 20 Small. He is sad to see it go, as he has loved riding it so much. For a 6 year old to ride 18 miles is a sign of just how easy to ride these are. Time for a Beinn 24.

endlich ein kindgerechtes Fahrrad Corinna on Sep 02, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Wir haben dieses Fahrrad von Deutschland aus bestellt und es nicht bereut. Die Lieferung hat nur knapp 3 Tage gedauert. Dank des momentan für uns günstigen GBP/EUR-Kurses war es sogar etwas günstiger als das deutsche Konkurrenzmodell "Kaniabikes". Ein tolles Geburtstagsgeschenk für unsere 6jährige Tochter. Tolle Qualität, das Töchterchen kam auf Anhieb damit zurecht, nur das Schalten muss halt noch geübt werden. Das Pink ist wunderschön, meine Kleine liebt diese Farbe über alles. Die Schaltung geht sehr leicht und funktioniert super, ebenso die Bremsen. Das Fahrrad ist wunderbar leicht und damit macht sogar das Bergauffahren Spaß, so können wir endlich auch etwas längere Radtouren machen.

A fantastic step up from a CNOC 14 Emma Bain on Jul 31, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

On my daughter's third day on the bike, we've just completed an 8 mile bike ride no problems. As a small 5 year old she's right on the lower measurement for the bike, but manages it no problem, including the gears. A great step up from her well-loved secondhand CNOC 14 which will now be handed down to her sister!

Fantastic bike Carolyn stabler on Jul 27, 2016

Price: 3 Quality: 5 Value: 4

We ordered a beinn 20 small from you last week and I just wanted to say thank you what a super bike! Our 6 year old daughter loves it we were worried she wouldn't manage the gears but with such a well made bike she has picked it up straight away with ease and is now flying along on it! Also what super fast delivery as it was sent the next day and great contact from the courier to confirm delivery as well. Having owned a Cnoc before this we knew we would not be disappointed! Great service and a wonderful bike thank you so much.

Another master piece in my family Ctibor on Jul 25, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

This is my second purchase from islabikes (first one is CNOC 14) and again - I have nothing but words of compliments. My little one jumped on it few months ago at his age of 5. Despite being on the edge of minimum possible sizes, it worked very well. He also quickly mastered shifting which I noticed he could do with ease. I already know about five other guys who took my advise and purchased bikes from Isla so community in Czech Republic is growing :). Thank you for another master piece in my house. And I am looking forward to racing upgrade which looks gorgeous!

Worth every penny Anna Sarjantson on May 16, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

These bikes are truly as good as they claim to be. Having been trying to get our daughter excited and enjoy biking for over a year on a bike that cost nearly £200 and a well known brand, we were dubious and nervous about spending yet more money on a bike. Within a few hours she was away, having never ridden without stabilisers before! Now every day she wants to go on her bike and gets more confident every day. The quality, design and weight of these bikes are fantastic and perfect for little people. Expensive but an investment well worth it in our opinion - we are about to get a smaller one for her 3 year old sister.

No regrets, worth every penny Alison Smith on Apr 20, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Having had an Isla bike before we already knew they were good, and the design really and truly DOES fit the child in every way, removing any barrier to developing excellent bike riding skills and love of the activity. I was a little concerned about the gear shift after reading some of the reviews on here. However I need not have been concerned, my very average size and strength 5yo was shifting gears with no difficulty at all within two minutes of riding the bike, and I actually think a thumb shift would be harder as they have less reach and strength in the thumb, relatively, than an adult. I tried the twist gear shift and it does not take much force to use it. It took a simple explanation for him to understand what the gears were for, and a few outings for him to instinctively use them, now they make a massive difference to what terrain he can tackle and we go off track in the woods and hills, he can do 7mile+ all-terrain no problem, thanks to this bike. We had to make a stretch financially to afford this bike and the fact that we did and don't regret it is some indication of what a worthwhile investment we think it is. You can't beat an Islabike for your child!

So Popular! Mick Morris on Feb 23, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

This is a lovely bike and it is well worth the money. The 5 year old owner insists it goes up to bed with her every night! She and her friends, when they are allowed near it, can already shift the gears. On the first day she walked into the kitchen carrying it proudly which says everything you need to know about its relative lightness. The only downside, she going to grow out of it and a bigger Isla will definitely be requested!

Beinn 20 Small Fantastic Bike Chris Heyes on Jan 03, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We have now had two of these bikes one for each of the children. They have been fantastic. Very light weight and easy to ride. Brilliant after sales service as well when I needed to replace one of the grips on my daughters bike. The brake levers are smaller for little hands and don't need much force to execute a swift halt. Yes they are quite expensive but they last. Previously we had a cheap Raleigh bike which was unrideable and swiftly went to the tip.

Very Quick paul k on Nov 20, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 4 Value: 4

My 5 year old boy loves his new Isla bike and rides very quickly on it. We have had so much fun already riding together. It's light and is easy for him to peddle. Just one problem, everytime we get to a hill he has to pull over so I can drop his gears from 4-1. Bit of a spoiler. I know a lot about bikes myself and it's not us doing something wrong, it's just too stiff. Apart from that it's a great bike.

Great bike. Sally Cork on Nov 07, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Last Christmas, my just turned four year old twins needed new bikes. They had learnt to ride without stabilisers at 3.5 years old but their old bikes were too heavy. After much research, I decided on Islabikes and have never been happier. Yes, you can get cheaper but not lighter or better value. My boys are both tall so one had the CNOC16, the other Beinn 20 small - I got a shock when it came with gears... However, as usual they never cease to amaze and he was confident with the gears in a very short time. Needless to say, Santa is hopefully bringing another Beinn 20 for my other twin. My friend has already signed up to buy the CNOC 16. Highly recommend these bikes. In fact, many of my friends have bought these bikes on my recommendation - should be on commission!

Third one! Mat Griffiths on Nov 02, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

These bikes are so good that I am just about to buy a third Benin for the youngest daughter, now graduating from her Cnoc, as her two elder siblings have done before. If looked after (middle daughter, yes; big brother, no) then the resale values are excellent and take the sting out of the initial purchase price.

great first bike Göran Bergqvist on Oct 14, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 4 Value: 5

my son have had so much fun with it. the varnish seems to be brittle.

Usable even after 2000 km. Ondra on Sep 08, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My son (5 yr) has 1500km this year and bike is still without big problems. After 1000km I had to change a derailleur pulley because of frayed (I got better with bearings) and I got a better chain (narrower and lighter). Every 500km si necessary to change the shift cable and clean gripshift because of hard shifting. But it depends on conditions. Brake pads I changed three times. Axis and earings are without backlash. I can well recommend this bike for using in all conditions. In Europe I am not able to buy the tire 20x1,50. This extent is excellent for children, but there are only 20x1,75 in shops...

What a great bike Chris wild on Sep 02, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

You should not hesitate to buy this bike! It is perfect in all respects! Don't let the poor reviews about difficult gear shifting put you off; I can only presume that customers who found the gears difficult either did not know how to work them or possibly had a faulty gear shift. My 5 year old has never ridden a bike with gears before and was changing up and down gears with ease within seconds of her first ride. My daughter loves her new bike and I am a very satisfied customer. Delivery was prompt and assembly took no more than 5 minutes. This will be the first of many islabike purchases I'm sure!

Perfect Toby on Aug 25, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

If you compare all the bikes in this 20" small segments this is the first choice I think. For my son the gear was no problem. If it is a problem try some cycling gloves. It works. THX for the perfect delivery to Germany!

Brilliant bike for proper cycling! Nicola Sugg on Aug 11, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 4 Value: 4

We bought the Beinn 20 small for our daughter when she was 5, she is now 7 and has clocked up many happy miles! We've just returned from our family cycling holiday in Germany where she rode 150 happy miles without any problems at all. A happy family indeed!

Shifting Magnus on Aug 11, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

The change from Gnoc 16 to Beinn 20 small was obvious for us when our boy grew. Because the the good experience we had with the previous Islabike we could not think of buying another brand. But after reading some reviews I was uncertain if our relatively weak (normal) 5 year old could handle the gripshift, which has been said to be somewhat hard to handle. However, this worry unnecessary because he had no problem shifting the gears while driving and with very little training he understood when to shift down and up. Overall this bike is great! The build design, quality and parts are super. And most importantly it is very light. It is obvious for me that seeing other kids biking with other 12-13kg bikes this 8kg Beinn is multiple times easier to handle. I believe that for example suspension would only add weight without any performance for kids this age (and weight). The price is higher than some other bikes but so is the resell value, so in the end I don't believe it will be more expensive. (some other bikes might brake so bad that no one wants to buy them used)

Fantastic Fredrik on Jul 19, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Just gave my daughter a Beinn 20 Small as an upgrade from her previous GNOC and she couldn't be happier. At a glance it's obvious that the bicycle is of a very high quality, and watching my daughter take it out for her first spin reinforces that notion. Excellent ordering, assembly, quality and value for money.

Beinn 20 small Pete Davies on Jul 05, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I bought this bike for my 5 yr old son a few months ago. I intended buying a second hand one but the prices are not much less than new so went for a new one. Great service during purchase, easy to assemble. My son loves it! Quality is great. Was worried how he'd get on with gears for the first time, especially after some of the comments on here about difficulties for young hands changing down. I needn't have worried, he was changing up and down on the first short ride. It's not cheap but as always, you get what you pay for. I once bought a kids bike from halfords and sold it on due to the poor quality of the components. This bike is light too. Resale value is high. Love it!

Great bike from a great company John Parkinson on Jun 09, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We do not normally write reviews, however we feel compelled to with this bike and supplier as there is something special about Islabike. We started with a 3 year old on a CNOC 14 with stabilisers, which he never wanted removing and only after lots of encouragement could we take them off and start the balancing battle (should have started on a balance bike!) which he learnt quickly but was not keen on biking as a means of transport or for recreation. We decided to give it one more try to interest him in cycling so we wanted to give him the best chance of enjoying his riding by getting the best bike for younger children on the market and after seeing the build quality as well as the lightness of the Islabike we opted for the Beinn 20 small. This was after reading many reviews of the difficult to use twist gear change and with a slightly smaller than average 5 year old, it did worry me but proved to be a mute point because as soon as our son saw the bike, he was on it and off down the road, round the corner and up the hill while changing gears. Needless to say, both mummy and daddy were just astonished as well as proud and after closing our mouths ran after him. For this we thank Islabike including all those involved from conception to delivery. Our boy has only had the bike for one week but has insisted on riding every day so far, with the longest being a good 4/5 mile ride through the woods. As parents we are over the moon with the enthusiasm our boy has for cycling now and we'd like other potential customers of Islabike to know the whole experience of dealing with them has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you.

Fabulous, apart from the awful gear shift William Shaw on May 13, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 3 Value: 3

This is a super bike in most respects. My 6 year old migrated to it from a CNOC and was very confident on it within a day. She whizzes along very confidently and competes with her older brother on a Beinn 24. But we are going to replace the awful gear shift, probably with one using levers. She is quite a strong little girl but simply cannot change gears down from e.g. 4 down to 1. We have tried everything (no gloves, having someone lube everything) but it is still unusable for her. I would ignore the reviews claiming there is not a problem and ask Islabikes to ship it with a lever shift unless you have a hulk of a child. It's a shame as this is our 5th Islabike purchase and the only one with problems. Islabikes Response: Dear William, Thank you for taking the time to write your review. With regards your thoughts on our twist shifters; our research shows that children of this age have varied wrist and twist strength. This means a very small number of our Beinn riders, typically at the bottom end of the growth range, will not quite have developed the strength to change gear, however, they do quickly develop this as they grow. As part of our continuous development process we have recently made product improvements and achieved an even lighter shift action which is being fitted to all future Beinns. Following detailed testing, our product development team spec twist shifters because we feel they are the safest way to change gear, as young riders do not have to remove their hands from the handlebars. Our shifters do need to be moved a little further than others but require less force to do so and are easy to use and understand. This combination makes them ideal for young children. For further information on teaching your child to use the twist shift, please contact our customer service team on 01584 856 881.

benin 20, great bike juliet campbell on May 13, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 5 Value: 3

Superb bike, light, strong, great geometry, my son jumped on it straight away and we covered 10 miles easily, only downside is gear shifter, gripshift should never be fitted to a childs bike, ok shifting down the casette, but not a chance of moving the gears up the box, it is difficult for an adult! have had to swap for 7 speed rapidfire sram shifter, my son could operate that straight away.but overall great bikwe

A Great Bike Gareth Langdon on May 10, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

I bough this bike for my very tiny 8 year old. I liked that it was the lightest on the market and this has made a real difference to her confidence - she can now get up hills and wheel the bike on her own when crossing roads etc. Mention has been made of the gears - my daughter had very small hands and is not strong but has no difficulty changing gears (now she has the hang of it) or using the brakes. She loves this bike and the reason I am back on this site is to buy one for her sister...

Beinn 20 small Colin McCabe on Apr 24, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Absolutely chuffed with this excellent little mtb. My daughter is 5 years old and had just grown out of her 12 inch wheeled cuda blox bike. She took to the beinn immediately and was faster everywhere. The brakes are better for small hands and stronger. Very nice quality and light for a kids bike. The only problem I have encountered is the stiff grip shift, which my daughter actually likes but struggles with at the moment.

Super Bike. Recommended ! Al Fabrizio on Apr 22, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

This is my second review of the Beinn 20. Now that Spring is well upon us and we've spent several family days out riding, I realize how much I appreciate this bike and wanted to add to my first review. It's lightweight, agile and easily handled by our 6 year old. He's learning how to use the gears and navigating up hill, down hill, smooth, rough terrain like a champ. I think the build and quality of this bike has definitely made our bike days out top notch. Today, we went to London and rode Hyde Park and some local areas around there (on the sidewalk of course) and he never tired of riding despite logging many miles and sometimes uphill. I compare this to the neighbors' 'iron' bikes in the shared bike shed (one of them, I think is as heavy as my adult bike with it's useless suspension), and I'm very grateful for the decision we made.

Beinn 20 S - All Good Paul Sherwood on Apr 22, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

I don't normally feel compelled to write reviews on stuff I buy, but because of the negative comments regarding the gear shifter on this bike, I thought I would share our experience... My 6 year old has no problem using the "gripshift" to change gear. He's not big lad (the fact he rides the small Beinn 20 bears this out) so I wouldn't be put off by the reviews moaning about the shifter, just give your kid time to practice and experiment with gear changes and you'll be glad you brought them this bike.

Like joining a club... Abi on Apr 07, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We started our boy on a Cnoc 14. He couldn't quite reach the ground so we quickly got him the Rothan. A couple of months on that (aged 3) and he was pedaling the Cnoc in no time. Then gears with the Beinn20 at age 5. Not once did we consider going for a heavier bike. Our boy is short and a bit daft but he holds his own on this bike. He could turn the gears after 3 months, and use the full 7 gears after a year. The smaller changes are fine once they are steady enough to turn the handle. I think my view on that is it's a learning curve... If everything is easy straight away what's the point? You find yourself in National trust parks or local bike trails looking around for other Islabikers, giving each other a knowing nod, that your child is lucky enough to have the best kit, that will forge the most fun and a real love of cycling. I almost wish there was a signal or a handshake! 😉

Benin 20 small George Trefgarne on Apr 06, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 2 Value: 3

Hmm. This is the second one I have bought (for my youngest, as eldest has one already) and there were some issues. First the gear shift is much too stiff and my son can't work it properly. Second, when I attached the kickstand the bolt hole wasn't properly finished and a nasty metal splinter went painfully into my thumb. I think quality is not keeping pace with popularity.

GREAT bike - misleading delivery time email David Parkin on Mar 28, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 3 Value: 3

First I must say what a bike! I really cannot fault the bike at all. It's simply brilliant. My girl has had hours of fun riding it at parks and cycle paths. My only grumble is whilst the delivery was within the week stated on website, the email I received stated order sent and WILL be within next 24 hours. Two days taken off work waiting in as you need to sign for the bike followed up an email to islabike eventually sorted the delivery within week. Hopefully wording on email has been altered to avoid this time off work in future. Would still recommend ordering from them as GREAT bind they did sort delivery issues with carrier rapidly. Thank you Islabike.

very happy Adam Fennell on Mar 25, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 3 Value: 3

Quality bike can not be matched by any other brand for ease of use by a child. This is my second purchase from islabikes and the first bike still looks like new and has been passed on to my youngest. We had a small problem with the gear selection but the bike was replaced within two days ( over the weekend) without any quibble and James who I spoke with on the phone was extremely helpful. Overall fantastic bike with first class customer service!

Nice Bike Al Fabrizio on Mar 16, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

I bought our Beinn 20 Small after my son's 5th birthday, and as other's have commented, he had problems with the gear shift knob being too difficult to turn. That was a great disappointment needless to say, having been sold on all this stuff about being designed for children. It's somewhat better now that he's turning 6. I've also found that at every seat height so far, he doesn't get the benefit of a full range of extension on the down-pedal. His knee is always bent more than I think it should be, stealing precious leverage from the down stroke. I could raise the seat height, but then he wouldn't be able to touch the ground. He's about normal height for his age. This has drawn into question this business about 'children's geometry'. I suspect the crank handle could be a bit shorter. Also, one of the handle grips is sliding off and being very tight-fitting, I've no idea how I'll get it back in place. Aside from that, it's a nice, lightweight bike which is very agile and easily handled. I think it would have been a lot harder for him to begin riding as he did with a regular sort of store-bought bike. He went from balance-bike to riding full-on by himself in just a few sessions and we've had a great time of it. We're pleased on the whole, but do have some concerns about the above-mentioned issues.

Better than expected Franco on Mar 15, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Nothing much to add to the previous reviews... A fantastic bike: light, solid, well built. On her first ride my daughter (5 year and one month old, 50 cm inside leg, 117 cm tall) was immediately confident with the bike and she managed to climb all the hills where she used to push her old 16" Raileigh: - The size and geometry are perfect for her. Wheels are true, brakes are smooth and light. - Is the shifter stiff? Yes, a bit when switching to "up" to larger sprockets. My daughter needs to stop to shift from number 4 to number 2. However, she can shift the chain down to smaller sprockets very easily even when cycling, and remember that this was on her first ride. - Is the bike expensive? Yes, definitely, but I don't see comparable options on the market. Moreover, it seems that these bikes keep their value well. - The delivery is very fast and free. - Would I buy one again? Yes, definitely (not sure about my wife, though: I didn't tell her the price).

Beinn 20 Ann-Marie Watson on Feb 21, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We ordered our second Islabike as son out grown the Cnoc 14 and I can't recommend these bikes and the customer service enough. Our son began riding at 3 yrs with his second time out on his first bike. Now 5 years, he cycles confidently, has great balance and loves to cycle. These bikes are of supreme quality, very light to handle and I have had zero issues to date. I experienced great customer service, and although it couldn't be promised and the team were busy we received our bike the next day (infact less than 24 hours of ordering...just outstanding)!! I doubt that this delivery speed would be possible with all purchases, but it shows that every effort was made to get the bike shipped asap. One happy little boy, great looking premium quality bike, money well spent. Needless to say, we are extremely happy with our purchase, the customer service and super fast delivery. Thank you Islabike team :-)

Build quality excellent, but one fatal flaw Tony Grimes on Feb 03, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 5 Value: 3

The bike is lightweight and well built. It feels like it is of very high quality and my 5 year old can now get up some small hills i used to have to push him up. Unfortunately, as regards the Beinn 20, the whole build is let down by the gears. The gripshift is impossible to operate for a 5/6 year old because you have to exert considerable strength to pull the cable back onto the largest sprocket (moving down through the gears). In fact, the company admitted as much to me when i commented on this, and recommended my son stay in 3rd gear for a few years until he has the strength to operate the gripshift! This runs counter to the marketed ethos of islabikes. They have knowingly included unsuitable components for the target age range of this particular model. They are following a fashion rather than building useable bikes for children. At the very least, the description of the bike should provide a warning that, unless the child is unusually strong, they are unlikely to be able to operate the gears. Or provide a singlespeed version at reduced cost. Disappointed, as i did buy into the marketing spiel, and i very much wanted to like this bike.

Osh - 5yr old Welsh shredder Donna Evans on Jan 11, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My son started enjoying bikes on his balance bike, then moved on to a Cnoc 16 and since then hasn't looked back. On his 5th birthday he had a Beinn 20 small. This bike has allowed him to fully meet his potential, he loves it and his skill level has just gone up and up! He's our "lil Welsh shredder". Here's a link to YouTube video to show what can be done by a 5yr old on a Beinn 20! The only trouble is, he now needs a bike with suspension and unfortunately Islabikes only start those for +8yrs :(

Fantastic bike. And amazing instructions Sophie Marple on Dec 22, 2014

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Just received this bike - Christmas present for my daughter. I am so impressed how clear and straightforward the instructions for putting the wheel and pedals on are. It could have been daunting, it could have been difficult (with the rubbish instructions you'd get from most companies) but this was so easy. Thanks Islabikes - you've made getting Christmas ready just a little bit easier. And I'm sure my daughter is going to love love love this bike. Wish I'd had one when I was 5!

Fantastic except one thing Scott on Nov 29, 2014

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 3

All of the other reviews are spot on, very professionally built bicycle, great resale, easy to learn on. Our son who is 5 soon has just moved up from a Cnoc14 and taken ownership of a Beinn small 20 with 7 gears on a revo shifter, no matter how hard he tried he could not twist the shifter to move onto the larger sprockets. I just wish Isla would give the trigger shift option a go as I have switched out to a trigger shifter now and our son can work it with ease and contrary to Isla's thoughts regarding the possibilty of our son having to take his hand of the grip to work the shifter this isn't the case for us. Triggers are the way to go and maybe something Isla should be looking into or even offering as an alternative as not all parents are skilled in bike mechanics to be able to swap out the shifter.

Fantastic quality Beinn 20 small Anna Burch on Nov 27, 2014

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We bought a Beinn 20 for my 5 year old son, who has come up through the Islabikes range and it's everything we've grown to expect from them - fantastic quality, robust, super-light and really comfortable to ride. I was surprised that it took virtually no time at all for him to adapt to the 7 gears. This bike cost more than my husband or I have ever spent on bikes for ourselves, but definitely worth it.

Recommended Chris mitchell on Nov 25, 2014

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Really light, easy to use controls and a perfect introduction to mountain bikes. It has helped my son to become very confident and skilfull on a bike. To prove the point, have a look at the resale value online. Highly recommended.

Bienn 20 Small ed on Nov 19, 2014

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Its brilliant

Beinn 20 small Ryan Watt on Oct 26, 2014

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

Great service! I ordered this bike on Tuesday and it arrived on the Friday morning. I don't normal post reviews but I thought this bike was well worth commenting on. Thought about buying this bike for a while before eventually ordering it as they are a little expensive. However, after the first day on it I can only say they are well well worth it. Leaps and bounds beyond anything else I have seen for kids of this age. Every thing about this bike is quality. Light but very solid, great brakes, easy to use gears, my 5 year old daughter can now pretty much handle any hill we put in front of her (not so with the last bike she had!). If you were like me and are thinking about it, I can only say go for it. Your child will thank you for it and you'll be amazed at the places that can take it.

Amazing bike Lauren Harte on Oct 25, 2014

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My parents and I bought this bike for my son as an early Christmas present. Great customer service and super quick delivery - the bike was delivered within 22 hours of ordering. Really easy to follow instructions to put the bike together and managed this within 15 minutes. The bike looks amazing and my son says its so comfortable and light to ride.

Beinn 20 James Leach on Oct 23, 2014

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My daughter started with a balance bike, then moved up (almost!) effortlessly to a CNOC 14. She rode that from 2 until 4, and at the end, was enjoying 10 mile forest trails on it. The Beinn 20 small was perfect for her 5th birthday, and she is now a confident and happy cyclist at 6. We recommend Islabikes.

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