Reviews of Beinn 24 / Age 7+

Superb, light with smooth and efficient commands Alexandre R. on Oct 19, 2017

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We've just received the bicycle today near Paris France where we live. It is really beautiful, far better than expected based on the pictures on the website. I personally do a lot of bicycle on top quality bikes so I'm quite demanding. You can trust me when I say that it is a very good product. The commands of the brakes and of the derailleur are very smooth, which is very important for the safety of children that haven't our strength. The bike is very light compare to what you can found most of the time, up to 30% lighter that the same kind of bicycle I've reviewed, which is also very important. Of course it is quite expensive, but frankly the quality is far above most of the other bicycles, which has decided me to buy it online from France. I have easily put in place the front wheel and the pedals, and the bike is ready to go as brakes and derailleur are perfectly adjusted. I hope the Brexit will not generate too much constraints to the brand and that they will continue to propose at an acceptable price their bike of that they will open a subsidiary in France for instance. Their bicycles deserve to be widely distributed over EU.

Great bike for mountainous area Elmar K. Hoppach on Sep 18, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 4 Value: 5

We bought that bike for our 8-year-old daughter. As climbing hills is unavoidable, weight is about everything. This was the limiting factor on her robust Puky. Testing Woom and Pyro out daughter did not feel comfortable on any of them so we decided to order a beinn 24. The bike arrived much faster than expected here in Germany and there is now one more happy girl around: The bike is very well designed: easy shifting, small Q-factor and adequate geometry at a very reasonable price.

Beinn 24/Red Tim on Aug 03, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

Fantastic bike and amazing service. Had a problem and needed the bike sending very quickly and this was achieved with no fuss. Fantastic and one happy daughter.

Great bike. You get what you pay for! Richard Kellett on Apr 25, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

Great bike, not cheap but it's well made and lightweight. Highly Recommended!

Just the ticket James MacGregor on Nov 10, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

Devoid of gimmicks, trinkets and any such superfluous nonsense. What it does have is sound, dependable components coupled with a lightweight bias. Eldest son was initially non plused until he rode it and proceeded to pull further and further away from us all. 'Hurry up Dad!'

Takes the cycling experience to a new level for children Jari on Aug 11, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Very happy with the bike. Fits our 7 year old boy a lot better than previous we got. The big difference is the weight and geometry it just fits better than the previous bikes that claim to be "kids bikes".

2hrs and nervous 7 year old up & peddling Brian on May 15, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I'd tried previously with a normal 'cast iron' bike with tassels and baskets etc. But my daughter just couldn't get the hang of learning to ride. From the day her beinn24 arrived she loved it. 2hrs of learning (using guidance on islabike website) and she's off. Great quality, lovely bike and the damage to your wallet is soon forgotten when you see the difference it makes.

6 year old finally riding after 2 hours! Richard P on Mar 12, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

My 6 year old son struggled on normal high street bikes, after two hours on his Beinn 24 he is now riding all over with his big sister. Great purchase to get the whole family mobile.

Great new design / quality - as ever - unrivaled Sandy on Feb 03, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

This is my daughters 3rd Islabike and nevertheless I am impressed again. Ordered on Sunday, checked details with customer service (thanks Rob!) on Monday and received (Germany) on Wednesday morning. I am also impressed by the great new design of the bike and this kind of flashy green! What you can not see on the pictures in the web, are the very lovely details in frame colour on the rims, hubs and the saddle! Islabikes, please add some pictures on that details to your homepage! Quality and selection of parts is - like the years before - absolutely appropriate for children and not excessively over equipped. My girl liked all their Islabikes from the first day on, so that she was motivated for 50 km trips and more a day on her Beinn 20. Best Sandy

Perfect sized bike Chris Parker on Aug 09, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My 8year old as had her Benin 24 now for 6 months and she loves it. The light weight machine is perfect for any conditions. From torrential rain to hot dry conditions, the tyres handle everything. The gears work every time and are just right for tiny, weaker hands. Hopefully next year, she'll upgrade to the 26" model.

Very Happy Paul Douglas on Jul 28, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Received my daughters Beinn 24, prompt delivery to my home address in Germany great customers service as always this is our second Isla bike we have purchased. We now have two very happy children riding great bike getting ready to challenge Chris Froome for his next TdF yellow jersey. πŸ‘πŸš΅

Got a bike and really like it!!! Robbie on Jun 24, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I had a Isla bike since I was 4 years old and I am getting my 3rd bike in a weeks time, I am almost 9 years old...

Perfect child's bike Helen scott on May 19, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My daughter has just received her new bienn 24πŸ˜€ we are so happy. We believe islabike is the best on the market . This is our third Islabike . They are very light weight and so easy to manage. The gears and breaks are very easy for small hands everything in easy reach.The green is an amazing colour, very catching. Recently went to a kids nutcracker bike race and in all age groups every other bike was an islabike. well worth their money. Customer service is 100% tooπŸ˜€

Beinn 24 - Excellent bike Gonny Badesha on Apr 26, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 4

Have had the bike now for just over a month. Great bike, extremely well made and the ultimate compliment to the manufacturers; my son loves it. It's light, nimble and everything just works. There's no drama, squeaking and the gear changes are as smooth as they can be when a 9 year boy is going through the motions. The price is a lot higher then you would expect from competitors, but I have to say it's worth the investment. It was easy to assemble and the staff were only a phone call away to help with any issues. Would recommend to all parents who want to get their child into cycling, but also appreciate you would be paying a premium compared to others so in that respect you would expect a quality product.

Fantastic investment Mrs Best on Mar 16, 2015

Price: 3 Quality: 5 Value: 4

My daughter received the teal version of the Bienn 24 for her 7th birthday a few weeks ago. The bike is a great success and she loves riding it whenever she can. She is willing to go further than she used to on her old heavy bike. Can't wait for the longer days to arrive so she can go out even more!

Feedback Gordon Haymes on Jan 12, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We purchased 2 Beinn 24 for our children two years ago, they have lasted very well and is a testimony to the durability and quality. If you want your child to ride a bike buy anything, if you want them to enjoy riding a bike, buy a Beinn.

Beinn 24 Rohan Culverhouse on Jan 03, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We bought the Beinn 24 as a Christmas present for our 7 y-o son and it has gone down a storm! This is our first Islabike but won't be our last. I knew this bike's reputation before buying and I was interested to see if it lived up to the billing. It does. Not just the bike itself but the service, the way it's packed, the delivery. It's all the little details that make the whole experience of buying a bike everything it should be.

Beinn 24/Green Rebecca on Nov 20, 2014

Price: 3 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Fantastic bikes. We started with Cnoc 16, moved onto Beinn 20 and have just bought the Beinn 24 for my big girl for Xmas. I wouldn't put my kids on any other bikes now. They cycle everywhere including to/from school everyday no matter the weather because they LOVE these bikes. p.s. the green bike is beautiful. The colour on the website does it no justice at all. It's more of a lime green and will show up a treat on dark nights.

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