Rothan / Age 2+

To ensure your Islabike is a safe and comfortable fit, please see our size guide.

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Your child’s cycling life begins here. 

Our delightful aluminium balance bike teaches them two-wheel balance without stabilisers from a very young age. With Islabikes’ size-specific parts including mini brake and proper pneumatic tyres on a lightweight aluminium frame, you’ll be amazed what your budding cyclist can take in their stride as they progress towards pedaling.

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Micro reach brake lever

Our exclusive aluminium brake lever gives light action braking for tiny hands.

Integral steering limiter

Prevents handlebars from spinning round, protecting your child if they have a tumble.

'Scoop' saddle

Our exclusive low slung 'scoop' saddle makes scooting easier.

Small diameter handlebars

Combined with our exclusive handlebar grips, tiny hands have a secure and comfortable hold.

Sizing for your Rothan

The Rothan is designed for riders 2 years and older with a minimum inside leg of 30cm.  

Click for information on how to measure your child for an Islabike.

With the correct size bike, your child will develop their cycling skills quickly, easily and safely whilst being more comfortable on their bike. Not only does this help increase confidence and boost their self-esteem but, best of all, it means they can start riding straight away.

For expert sizing advice please call our customer service team on +44 (0)800 008 6297.


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Max weight: Combined rider and luggage 20kg (44Ibs 1oz).

This 'balance bike' has been designed to be ridden by children away from motorised vehicles on smooth paved or grassy areas. It is not intended for any kind of jumping.

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