Reviews of Rothan / Age 2+

Customer service Kenneth Watt on Oct 24, 2017

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Our experience of the purchasing then the follow up on the delivery from Ash was great. Good quality customer service. The bike looks great!

Carefully designed and brilliantly realised Joe on Mar 13, 2017

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Pretty much as good as it gets. A lovely little bike with an excellent and appropriate size range . All the parts are well made, fit little hands and bottoms and as such instill confidence in child and parent alike. Compared to other balance bikes this is proportioned just right - narrow and low and even the most tentative early rider will give it a try. My Son had such fun with this little beauty that i will cherish it forever. Once he decided to, the transition to pedals (Cnoc 14) was done in 15 minutes and he hasn't looked back. This bike is a charming object in its own right and great product.

excellent service Lynn Coombe on Jan 16, 2017

Price: 3 Quality: 5 Value: 3

I ordered the Rothan for my 2yr old grandson Stanley. It arrived the following day after ordering, Don't leave it too late to order! I wanted it for a Christmas gift but didn't order it in time! Islabikes emailed me to let me know when they had more in stock. So glad I got it, the bike is just right and well thought through on design. Well done Islabikes.

Excellent in every respect Ben palmer on Nov 13, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

A superb bike - only marginally more expensive than other options, but in a different league in terms of quality and how well though-out it is. The components are really impressive - super smooth hubs and the v-brake and lever are perfect for small hands. It felt like it was assembled with real care (talcum powder on the tubes) and the paint and finish is immaculate. About to buy a second! Not often that you come across something that can be recommended unreservedly- this can.

Brilliant Nick Clark on Oct 19, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Quite simply the best balance bike I have seen. Straight out of the box you can tell this has been engineered to be a bike and not a toy.

We love it! Jessica Heys on Oct 06, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We bought this for our 2 year old son to go on holiday and it's one of the best purchases we've ever made! Firstly the customer service was brilliant, delivery prompt and setting up easy. Secondly it looks amazing - all his friends (and their dads!) admire the shiny red paint! Thirdly it just works so well! My son isn't boisterous or physical but sails around on his bike beautifully! Within days he was freewheeling down hills (and mostly using the brake after a picnic bench faceplant incident!). Yes it's pricey, but it's worth every penny! We'll be back for his first pedal bike and our daughters first Rothan!

Great Bike Holly on May 30, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Light weight, includes a break. It has taken my son a while to get going on this, but he loves it.

Fantastic bike Anne on Jan 30, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We got this for our daughters 2nd birthday. She is now 2 and a half, has loved it from day one. The only drawback is she is already asking for pedals.

Brilliant! Iain rankin on Dec 26, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We bought this bike for our three year old son. Previously we had purchased a number of cheaper balance bikes for him, each one of these bikes he enjoyed but only briefly. Since he got his Rothan he has excelled on the bike. His balance is fantastic as he zooms along. The bike is very light and the handlebars are thin and perfectly designed for small hands. Please do not be put off by the price of the bike, these bikes are perfect in every way. Please ensure they have a helmet as they pick up speed as their confidence grows.

Three children later and still going strong! Michelle on May 08, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I can't recommend this bike enough. My oldest learned in the Isla Rothan 5 years ago, aged 3. She learned everything....balance, steering, breaking! When we then moved her up to the Cnoc 16 she learned to pedal within a day and was off. My 2nd child started in the Rothan when she was 2 and learned to ride the Cnoc on her 4th birthday after 1/2 hour. The Rothan is now with my 3rd child....and whilst the paintwork is slightly chipped in places and we have had to replace a broken brake lever due to a few rough drops, the bike is in perfect condition. The awesome resale value is a no brainier! Also can't recommend the Isla staff enough...,so helpful and love the fact that they do not charge delivery. I advise you buy a spare inner with whatever bike you have...not all bike shops stock the smaller valve I need in the size needed...I learned that the hard way!

Islabike Rothan Gavin Rimmer on Feb 18, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Our little girl had her Rothan balance bike for just over a month and was asking for pedal. They are so easy to use compared to other mainstream cheaper brands, which are heavy. The rothan is so light that she just took control over it with easy and just loved it. I have seen friends kids little ones trying to navigate heavier balance bikes and she just flys past them. We brought her the next Islabike up, a CNOC 14 for xmas and on boxing day took her out on it, she had one go and then just flew off round the park on it with ease. It really helps having such a lightweight bike. Great Products well done.

Super Little Bike Seamie's Bike on Jan 01, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Bought this bike for our son for his 3rd birthday a few months ago. We toyed a while with buying a cheaper alternative but are so glad we opted for an Islabike in the end. The bike is beautiful to look at and our son gets admiring glances wherever he goes on his bike. His grandad is a competitive road bike racer and was mesmerised by this tiny bike! Our son is extremely small for his age and only just met the minimum requirement for height when we bought the Rothan. Despite this, he is very comfortable on the bike and took to it like a duck to water as he could reach the handlebars with ease whilst sitting on the saddle. The only drawback to buying an Islabike for me is that the delivery to Ireland bumps up the price of the bike quite a bit and we ended up paying €200 including delivery! However, we will definitely be back for a peddle bike once our son is tall enough :-)

Superb, a little head turner Emyr Williams on Nov 21, 2014

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Our second child has just mastered the Rothan his sister learned on and a lot of folk turn and follow him as he whizzes around on the bike just like they did with his sister. I call this a really good investment, well built, light and takes all the abuse you can throw at it. Cannot recommend it highly enough.

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