Quarry Cross - Sunday 5th November 2017

Thank you to all those that attended the inaugural Quarry 'Cross event. Full results can be found here

Event Overview

Quarry 'Cross is the first Islabikes One Bike 'Cross event to be held at Titterstone Clee in an abandoned quarry. Think the essence of 3 peaks in a 2km CX course. Racing is guaranteed to be intense with a very physical course, clinchers will be absolutely necessary as the course has sharp edges in places. This is not a course for tubs or carbon rims.

As this is a One Bike 'Cross event there will be no pit area. Riders must be on one bike (mountain bike or CX) and be entirely self-sufficient. For this event we will be using the new race format as adopted by the West Midlands Cyclo-cross League.

Race Day Format

10.00 - U8s & U6s- 10mins race

10.20 - U10s - 12-15mins race

10.45 - U12s - 15-20mins race

11.10 - 11.30 - Official Course Practice (sections of the main course will be accessible during the prior races)

11.30 - Youths - 30mins race

12.15 - Vet 50+ - 40mins race

13.05 -13.35pm - Official Course Practice

13.35 - Junior/Senior/Vet Women - 40mins race

14.30 - Junior/Senior/Vet40+ Men- 50mins race


Titterstone Clee has a unique industrial history and has been sculpted over the years to create an epic amphitheatre, the perfect stage for a hotly contested cyclo-cross battle royale.

However there are some very important considerations and these must be adhered to at all times.

Because of the rich industrial usage of the past there are numerous remains of old quarry workings, including loose rubble, protruding ironwork and unstable structures including large drops. It is imperetive that all riders and spectators and members of the general public do not enter or go near any of these derelict buildings as their safety cannot be guaranteed. Specific hazards will be marked but safety remains incumbent on the individual to make sure they are not entering a hazardous area. Recommendations of the event marshals must be adhered to at all times. Please make sure you know where your children are at all times. Do not, under any circumstances allow them to play anywhere near any of these structures at any time.

The venue in its entirety falls under the protection of Natural England and is a designated SSSI. It is imperative for future events that all participants treat the area with respect and make every effort to limit the impact on the environment.


Parking onsite is extremely limited therefore it is imperative that upon arrival you follow the instructions of the parking marshals. Please be considerate when parking to ensure maximum space can be utilised.

Given the sensitive nature of the area it would also be much appreciated if where possible you could make arrangements to car share or if you're feeling adventurous you could ride to the venue.