The Islabikes experience

Advice before ordering:

To ensure you order the most appropriate sized bike, please measure your child. The critical measurements needed are:

  • Your child’s height in socks
  • Your child’s inside leg in socks*

*To measure the inside leg – ask your child to stand back to a wall in socks, slide a book between the legs, slide the book up the wall until it contacts the crotch firmly, mark the wall at that point and measure from the mark to the floor.

Next, consult our size chart to calculate which bike will suit your child. Our minimum requirements for each model are ‘absolute’ so your child must meet BOTH height and inside leg minimums for a safe and comfortable fit.

For fitting advice please call our friendly customer services team, who will be happy to discuss your measurements and advise on the most appropriate size.

You can place an order in 3 ways:


Once you have identified the most appropriately sized bike using our size chart you can order your bike and any accessories you’d like us to fit through our website. We offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders.


Once you measured your child, using our size chart you can place your order over the phone by speaking to one of our trained fitting staff in customer services. This method is recommended if you are not sure about the sizing. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. We offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders. 

Visit our Fitting Studio

For personalised advice from one of our fitting experts and a chance to try one of our demonstrator models, please call us on 01584 856 881 and make an appointment to visit our Fitting Studio. Our phone lines are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

When your bike arrives:

Before your bike leaves us, it’s fully assembled and everything adjusted and ready to ride. We then disassemble it very slightly for safe transit. On arrival, you will have a few reassembly tasks to perform before your Islabike is ready to ride. Depending on the model, these may include:

  • Fitting the pedals
  • Fitting a quick release front wheel
  • Aligning the handlebars and reconnecting the front brake cable

There are illustrated instructions included with your Islabike explaining how to do this.

We do not include an allen key with our bikes as most people already own the basic sizes. If we were to supply one it would be a budget allen key, which most people would discard and we really don’t want to encourage unnecessary wastage. We do sell an easy to use good quality allen key tool for adjusting the saddle, the handlebar height and fitting the pedals (4, 5 & 6mm). This is £7.99 and can be added to your basket in the accessories section.

European enquiries

Islabikes take orders from customers living within the UK and the Republic of Ireland only.

We are sorry for any disappointment caused but we cannot make any exceptions at all. 

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