Why Islabikes?

Islabikes are designed with a pronounced focus on the detail that many other brands ignore.

Getting that detail just right is crucial for any rider, but it's even more crucial on bikes made to suit the demands of fast-developing and easily deterred minds and bodies. Islabikes offer young riders the fair advantage.

In a market that appears to offer an extensive choice of good looking bikes, it isn't always immediately obvious that many of them are compromised by poor fit, inappropriate parts and burdensome weight. Isla Rowntree's extensive experience in bike design, custom building and riding has allowed her to produce a range of bikes that are simply perfect for the job. They are built as light as is practically possible and everything is appropriately downsized. In short, every single part of an Islabike is designed or chosen to suit its rider. First impressions count, and young riders need as many advantages as they can get in their formative years. Children will never forget their Islabikes.

Isla's obsessive attention to the practical detailing, ride-ability and durability of every bike reflects an unrivalled appreciation of each rider's needs. Every Islabike incorporates size-specific frame design and proportionally downsized components, including brakes that can be confidently operated with small hands. The gearing, crank lengths and components are all chosen to be perfect for the size range the bike has been made for. This level of attention is unique in children's bike design.

Designing bikes for growing bodies

We have some incredible data about children’s growth patterns collected from years of studying how children grow and ride their bikes. Here, Islabikes’ founder and designer Isla Rowntree explains how this drives the design of our bikes.

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Little things matter

At Islabikes we believe the small details make the biggest difference. Every aspect of our bikes has been carefully designed to work effectively for the rider. From the brake levers and handlebars, pedals and cranks and even the bolts our philosophy of "little things matter" is followed.

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Holistic design

We believe our holistic approach to bicycle designing makes Islabikes the best children’s bikes available.

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The benefits of big wheels

One of the many unique features of an Islabike is that we always design bikes with the biggest wheels possible for its intended rider. For example, while a child of a certain size would fit bikes from other brands that use 16in wheels, that same rider might fit an Islabike that uses 20in wheels. But why is that such a benefit? And how do we achieve it?

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Our story

Read the story of Isla Rowntree and where Islabikes first began. Discover how it has grown and evolved over the years.

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What the press say

Don't just take our word for it, here are a selection of reviews and articles that have been published about Islabikes.

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An original Islabike and it's incredible journey........

Many of our first bikes have experienced fruitful lives, being passed from one happy rider to the next. We are excited to discover one particular first-edition Rothan that’s not only enjoyed family life but it’s also been used as an example of intelligent design in presentations to businesses across Britain and beyond.

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Islabikes: celebrating a decade of innovation

2016 marks Islabikes' 10th anniversary. What really makes Islabikes different from every other children’s bike manufacturer? Our continued commitment to innovation and holistic design. We’ve gone back over the last 10 years to pick our technological highlights and breakthroughs.

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Crafting our custom bikes to shape your next Islabike

Islabikes is best known as the innovator in the children’s cycling market. At our workshop we have the expertise to design and build bespoke bicycles. Here, Islabikes’ in-house frame builder, Robert ‘Keen’ Burns takes us through the different stages involved in creating one of these masterpieces.

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The innovative new Islabikes Cyclo-cross tyres

We’ve designed a series of high-performance, lightweight, cyclo-cross racing tyres for young riders. The Islabikes Gréim series of tyres are unique, not only in that they are built to our specific proportional design but also because they are available in sizes that will fit 24in, 26in and 700c wheels.

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The importance of a correctly sized starter bike

Whilst size is often seen as a moving target choosing the correct sized bike will be the biggest factor in their enjoyment and safety on their bicycle.

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Islabikes - An excellent mini-touring bike

All of our bikes are designed from the ground up with versatility and accessories in mind.  Here we show you how our Beinn model can easily be turned into an excellent mini-touring bike.

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