Islabikes are designed with a pronounced focus on the detail that many other brands ignore.

Getting that detail just right is crucial for any rider, but it's even more crucial on bikes made to suit the demands of fast-developing and easily deterred minds and bodies. Islabikes offer young riders the fair advantage.

In a market that appears to offer an extensive choice of good looking bikes, it isn't always immediately obvious that many of them are compromised by poor fit, inappropriate parts and burdensome weight. Isla Rowntree's extensive experience in bike design, custom building and riding has allowed her to produce a range of bikes that are simply perfect for the job. They are built as light as is practically possible and everything is appropriately downsized. In short, every single part of an Islabike is designed or chosen to suit its rider. First impressions count, and young riders need as many advantages as they can get in their formative years. Kids will never forget their Islabikes.

Isla's obsessive attention to the practical detailing, ride-ability and durability of every bike reflects an unrivalled appreciation of each rider's needs. Every Islabike incorporates age-specific frame design and proportionally downsized components, including brakes that can be confidently operated with small hands. The gearing, crank lengths and components are all chosen to be perfect for the age range the bike has been made for. This level of attention is unique in children's bike design.

Each bike is intended to be thoroughly adaptable. Islabikes are designed to suit family days out and riding to school, but with a change of tyre they can quickly be adapted for longer tours, mountain biking, junior triathlon and cyclo cross. Accessories such as luggage racks, bottle cages and even a name transfer can be fitted to suit at the point of sale.


It's easy to be seduced by the latest technology on adult bikes and the often inappropriate 'me-too' trickle-down to kids' bikes. But Isla focuses on the sort of advantages that make riding easier and more pleasurable. The latest ideas are not always the greatest ideas. Low weight and good design is much more useful than poor-performing suspension or redundant gear choices. Islabikes feature appropriate gearing so children are more intuitive and accurate about their use. When it comes to suspension, Isla has ensured that the air system can be tuned to a very light rider and thus provide a real advantage in more technical terrain.


More and more parents are realising that an Islabike is a great investment in the cycling education and general well-being of every child. Their reputation effectively makes them far more affordable than other kids' bikes. How? Well, a bike designed with an emphasis on making the whole ride experience easier and safer will never have the cheapest price tag. However, the ideal fit, durability, ease of maintenance and plain desirability of an Islabike means it holds its value well. So it's an easy move trading up to a larger model with remarkably little depreciation on the last one. Islabikes have a 'buy-back' scheme, but demand for a 'pre-loved' Islabike has always been high. In conclusion, investing in an Islabike not only gives a child the best start in cycling, but gives the parent an amazingly low cost of ownership.