Islabikes says “No” to Facebook

News  |  Jul 01, 2020  |  Dave Bowater

“Stop Hate for Profit” campaign is calling on businesses to cease advertising spend with Facebook for the month of July. We stopped all paid activity with Facebook in November 2019.

Hear what our founder Isla Rowntree has to say about the decision and why we took it.


“Hello, I’m Isla Rowntree, founder of children’s bicycle specialist Islabikes, and I’d like to talk to you about Facebook.

Facebook take money from dubious sources, that spread hate speech and misinformation across their platforms. The Stop Hate For Profit campaign has got a lot of media coverage over the last week, encouraging businesses to stop spending advertising money with Facebook for the month of July in order to pressurise them to change their ways.

I thought you’d be interested to know that in November 2019 Islabikes decided to stop all of our paid activity with Facebook until further notice. A scary step for a business to take as you are always worried about a potential loss of business, but actually, we don’t think it has had any significant impact so I’d like to encourage other businesses to join us and do the same.”