Maintaining your Islabike

All moving parts on your cycle will need lubricating from time to time. The following list provides a guide, although the frequency of use and weather conditions are the biggest factor in determining necessary lubrication.


Oil along its length with a proprietary cycle chain lubricant or light oil. Wipe off surplus with a cloth. Perform at least weekly and after washing/rain.

Rear derailleur

Lightly oil derailleur pivot points. Fortnightly and after washing/rain.

Brake pivot points

Lightly oil monthly and after washing/rain.

Pedals, wheel bearings, headsets, bottom brackets

All serviceable bearings need re-greasing at 6 month intervals. It is recommended that this task is performed by your local bike shop as part of a 6 monthly service.


Your Islabike has had its brakes adjusted prior to delivery. The brakes have been set up to suit the country of intended use. Traditionally bikes intended for use on UK roads or left hand drive public highways have the right brake lever operating the front brake, and the left brake lever controls the rear brake.

We recommend you perform regular checks on the operation of the brakes (children are not good at reporting deficiencies!). Also check for brake block alignment and wear. The blocks are marked with wear lines and should be replaced before they wear to this point. The blocks should hit the rim squarely and not touch the tyre. All of the block braking surface should make contact with the rim and not overhang the edge of the rim. If you are unsure about the operation of the brakes in any way, contact us on +44 (0)800 008 6297 or email

Disc brake pad bed-in (Beinn 29, Creig 24 and 26)

It is important to bed-in your new brake pads to achieve optimal performance, increase pad longevity and reduce the likelihood of brake fade and noise.

To safely achieve optimal results, remain seated on the bike during the entire bed-in procedure. Accelerate the bike to a moderate speed (12mph / 20kph), then firmly apply the brakes until you are at walking speed. Repeat approximately twenty times. Next, accelerate the bike to a faster speed (20mph/30kpm). Then very firmly and suddenly apply the brakes until you are at a walking speed. Repeat approximately ten times.

Important: do not lock up the wheels at any point during the bed-in procedure. Allow the brakes to cool prior to any additional riding.

If you require further information about your brakes, contact us at


Your Islabike has had its gears adjusted prior to delivery. These should be checked periodically (approximately monthly) for correct operation. Modern derailleur gears need expert adjustment – if you are not a competent cycle mechanic this job is best left to your local cycle shop. In addition, they should be checked if the bike has fallen on to its right hand side, also known as the drive side. If you suspect this perform the following check:

The gears should be shifted so that the chain is on the biggest sprocket (gear 1) and the derailleur should be inspected from behind the bike to check it does not foul the spokes. If it does, or is very close, or appears twisted in any way then the rear hanger needs straightening or replacing. You can purchase spare rear hangers on our accessories page – your good local bike shop will be able to fit it for you.

Forks (Creig 24 and 26)

Air pressure: The forks have had their pressure reduced to 65 psi (Creig 26) or 60 psi (Creig 24). This is to suit the average weight of a young rider at the start of the growth range for the Creig. The weight/pressure chart is located on one of the fork legs. If you need to check or adjust the fork pressure, you must use a pump designed specifically for this purpose – available on our accessories page.

Rebound: Extreme rebound settings on your forks can adversely affect the handling of your bike. If you have any queries about this please contact our technical support team by calling +44 (0)800 008 6297 or email

Tyre Pressure

Check your tyre pressures regularly with a pressure gauge (most ‘track pumps’ have one fitted). You should not exceed the maximum tyre pressure printed on the sidewall of the tyre and it is best if the chosen pressure is not less than 70% of the maximum. For ‘presta’ valves, you must first open the valve by unscrewing and tapping the valve end. Inflate to correct pressure and then carefully re-tighten to close the valve.

Where to get your bike serviced

You can make an appointment to bring your bike in to us here in Ludlow, Shropshire. Alternatively we recommend taking your Islabike to your good, local Cytech Accredited bike shop. You can find your local Cytech Accredited bike shop here

Useful links

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How to install your Cnoc chainguard

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Spares and replacement parts

We carry stock of replacement parts for your Islabike including inner tubes, tyres and grips. Please visit the accessories page for a list of readily available spares or contact us on +44 (0)800 008 6297 or email

We only recommend using genuine parts for safety critical components e.g. brake cables, brake blocks and bolts.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or are unsure of any compatibility for older models, please contact our technical support team by phone +44 (0)800 008 6297 or email

Safety first

Before you head off please read our advice for safe cycling. If you are the responsible adult, parent or guardian we recommend the following precautions:

  • Ensure that a helmet is adjusted correctly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. See our helmet fitting guide here.
  • Ensure your child is wearing sturdy footwear and nothing can become entangled in the pedals or drivetrain.
  • Ensure that your child familiarises themselves with their new bicycle in a safe environment before riding.
  • We pride ourselves on light action brakes. Check your child can come to a stop safely using the brakes. Walk beside them and assist them in pulling the brake lever to allow them to feel its responsiveness.
  • Your Islabike is set up so that the right hand brake lever operates the front brake. Where the destination country drive on the right (with the exception of our balance bike) the right hand brake lever will operate the rear brake lever.
  • Be aware braking performance and grip will be drastically reduced in wet conditions.
  • Avoid riding by any busy streets or highways.
  • Always observe national legal requirements if riding on public roads. If you are cycling in any other countries or in the EU, please check national guidelines.
  • Tumbles are an inevitable part of riding a bike and sometimes the bike can get damaged. It is very important that a bike is inspected if an accident occurs. Here are some things to look out for:
  1. Handlebar ends becoming exposed from repeated contact with the ground or a heavy fall. Never let a child ride a bike with an unplugged handlebar end. You can buy replacement handlebar grips on our website here.
  2. Front brake damage can occur in a crash. If the handlebars become twisted from a crash the cable can wrap itself tightly and damage the noodle hinge dock. This has been reinforced on our bikes but they are not indestructible. Always check the front brake operates correctly and the brake hinges were not damaged after a crash. You can easily perform a visual inspection by comparing to the rear brake. If you are unsure please contact our technical support team on +44 (0)800 008 6297 or email

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