Independent reviews

Rather than focusing on slick marketing campaigns at Islabikes we let our bikes do the talking! Our success has been built on word of mouth recommendations from parents and the independent media alike.
Here’s what they’re saying:

What people are saying about Islabikes

Cycle Sprog the children’s cycling website on why they love Islabikes.

Hannah Spannah a parenting blogger exploring what makes a great children’s bike.

The Guardian’s group test, comparing the children’s bike market.

Reviews of our balance and starter bikes

The Independent award the Rothan its Best Buy accolade.

Cycling Weekly award the Rothan a ‘perfect 10’.

Get Out With The Kids on our Rothan and Cnoc range.

Cycling UK‘s Victoria Hazael puts the Cnoc 16 through its paces.

The press on our all-purpose Beinn range

The i newspaper rates the Beinn as a Best Buy. 

Active Traveller and Messy Little Monster blogs on the Beinn 20.

The Observer review our Beinn 24. check out the Beinn 26.

The Independent with a Best Buy for the Beinn 27.

A word on our mountain bikes

SingleTracks take a ride on our Creig 24.

Islabikes communities

You’ll also find customers talking about Islabikes across the internet. Check out the Islabikes Community page on Facebook which is entirely independent of Islabikes and follow our main social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.