Klarna Finance

Klarna finance is currently unavailable.

You can now take advantage of two short-term finance arrangements to pay for your new Islabike. These interest-free options are currently available to UK customers over 18 years of age.

Eligible customers wishing to take advantage of these payment options must order via the Islabikes website.

• Pay in 30 days – make a single payment 30 days after you place your order
• Pay in 3 – split the cost into 3 monthly instalments (maximum limit of £1000)
A soft-touch credit check is made which does not affect your credit rating. Once agreed you can view your payment details by logging into Klarna.com.

Depending on the total value of your purchase you will be presented with either one or two interest-free Klarna payment options at checkout. For more information please read the FAQ documents below.

Pay in 30 days – FAQ (link to 30 day faq)
Pay in 3 – FAQ (link to pay in 3 faq)