Reviews of Beinn 26 Large / Age 10+

Delighted for the fifth time Katie Harrison on Jan 28, 2017

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

This is our 5th purchase and yet again we are very pleased. The design that is tailored to fit children's physical measurements makes these bikes so much more pleasurable to use for the junior cyclist. The quality of build is ideal for the use that my son will get from this bike and the colouring is a refreshing change. Thank you Team Isla, you are always so helpful.

Beinn 26 Large Teal - daughter super pleased Mark Bennet on Nov 07, 2016

Price: 4 Quality: 4 Value: 4

Just received our new Beinn 26 Large. First report: Very quick delivery to France and very well packaked. Pre-sale service was as usual excellent. Ordered with kickstand, botle holder and bottle and these are worthwhile accessories. The Teal colour chosen by my older daughter is lovely colour for either boy or girl. Easy to mount with allen hex keys supplied and a spare tube. Front wheel and pedals need fitted and that's it. Overall look and finish very good and the new colour/decals scheme very chic and modern. Front brake was a bit too tight and I slackened this off to allow for better wheel clearance as there was some rubbing of the wheel. Components are getting better each time I buy (this will be the 4th bike since the Rothan balance bike). Thankfully the quality of the tyres are also getting better (1.5'' is a good compromise for speed v stability). I was pleased to note that the grip shift is vastly improved than the once on our generation Beinn 20 Large - what has changed? So once again the goods are well delivered from Islabikes and the steady improvments haven't gone un-noticed. Top rating and highly recommended

mr john oakes on Oct 25, 2016

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

Fantastic quality. Just bought new one and sold old one for 85% of cost!!! After 4 years.

Another great bike Julia on Nov 24, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

My daughter is just turning 9 but quite tall for her age. Having confidently moved through the balance, cnoc and smaller Beinn bikes I had no hesitation that this would be the right choice. I've never had to return a bike or ask for further advice but I know that the team at Islabikes would match the standard of their bikes with incredible customer service. For anyone worrying about the price I would advise you to ignore the cost, safe in the knowledge that these are without a doubt the best children's bikes on the market. Wouldn't dream of purchasing from anywhere else!

Perfect choice for my 12 year old daughter! Richard on Jul 20, 2015

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I bought the Beinn 26 large for my 12 year old daughter. The help received from the customer service contact was very informed and assured me that I had the correct size. The order was placed on a Wednesday and I requested delivery for Friday the same week. The bike arrived on time and the order could be tracked with DHL. The bike is exactly what I was looking for. It is not fussy, ergonomically correct, very light, and well built. One very happy girl.... and happy Mum and Dad.

Good solid bike. Jonny on Jul 17, 2015

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 4

Over the last 2.5 years, this bike has had loads of use and is wearing well. My daughter has recently had a growth spurt that has necessitated the fitment of a stem raiser (and new front brake cable) as the handlebars cannot be adjusted. In isolation, its a very nice, solid child's bike and she loves it but I can't help feeling its not as stylish as the Luath 700 race bike we bought at the same time for my other daughter. I'm sure I would have been much more impressed if it didn't always get parked beside the Luath.

Great Bike Rognvald Lamb on Nov 27, 2014

Price: 5 Quality: 5 Value: 5

We bought 2 bikes for our boys age 7 and 9. This was based on recommendation from a friend about the weight, and experiencing lifting the old bikes on to the roofrack of the car. The first thing that impressed me was the measurement and recommendation from the website. The added support on the telephone made the purchase easy and we were comfortable we got the right thing. the bikes were delivered with clever positioning of instructions, easy to set up and ready to go in no time. The boys loved their bikes straight away. the gearing is well set up and easy to change gear, brakes are positioned for easy use for children - things I hadn't previously thought of. In addition they find the seat more comfortable and they sit better on the bikes. The key benefit is the weight. The bikes are light. For a 9 year old, cycling a bike that weighs 6kg rather than 16kg around local routes with hills is a huge benefit, and he can take the hills, so is more confident and keener about cycling - he was previously hauling half his bodyweight up a very steep hill and struggled. The light weight also means we will put the bikes on the car roofrack more readlily (and the boys can help with their bikes and head off to the New Forest for the day. Despite the light weight, the bikes are sturdy and take the challenge of road cycling or whizzing down forest routes. Great bikes and well worth the money

Best bike ever! Katie Marsh on Nov 12, 2014

Price: 4 Quality: 5 Value: 5

I got this for my birthday last Saturday. It is a beautiful sparkly colour (teal) and is even better to ride than my last bike! I had a nice ride with my mum on Sunday and I was way faster than her! :) My sister is pleased too as she has my old Beinn 24 LOL Thanks!

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