The world’s largest treasure hunt at your doorstep

Lifestyle  |  Oct 12, 2022  |  Tim Goodall
Family Geocaching by bike

Are you looking for endless activities for kids?

With around 70,000 caches in the UK and over 2 million spread across 191 countries; geocaching is a fun and accessible day out for the family.

A geocache is your treasure

It can be lots of things; a lunchbox full of trinkets, a hollow brick in a brick wall, or a birdfeeder that’s not a birdfeeder hung from a tree. Inside of each, you should find a logbook; a log of those who came before you, and the date they stood in the spot you now stand.

Kid riding balance bike

Caches are all around, hidden in plain sight

There are likely caches within walking distance of your front door, and certainly within cycling distance. Many rural, many urban. 

Go bike or foot, you choose

By bike means you can reach more caches in a day, or makes the ones close to home more accessible. If the caches are just off the beaten track, leave your bike by the trail, and explore by foot. And be aware of rights of way as some caches are only accessible via footpaths.

Kid holding balance bike handlebar

Download the app to get started

Make sure you’ve allowed the app to use your location, and you’ll see the geocaches around you. Select one, and there will be a hint to help find it. In a forest, the hint might be something like; are you stumped? No prizes for guessing where that cache might be hidden.

Along with your navigational nous, the app will get you within 30 feet of the cache. Then it’s up to you and your children to get creative; to think like someone hiding something to be found.

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Trade trinkets with strangers

If you have something you wish to trade, bring it with you. It might be a figurine from a kinder egg, or a golf ball your child found. There is no expectation that you trade anything, but it can add to the anticipation for the kids.

The recipient will be a stranger in the physical world, but in our imaginations, they can be anything you want. That’s part of the fun and mystery of geocaching.

To summarise your weekend plans:

  • Prepare your family and kit – bikes or boots, helmets or hats.
  • Pack a pen! To add your name and date to the logbook.
  • Bring trinkets for trading – optional.

Go to to download the app – we are not affiliated with them in anyway.

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