Electrify your world with our new step through e-bike

News  |  Jul 28, 2022  |  Tim Goodall
Islabikes eJoni electric bike

We've increased our range of step-through models with a very lightweight adults' step through e-bike.

We would like to introduce you to eJoni – an electric bike for about town, riding with class, getting bread from the bakery, coffee from the corner café, or all the above. With mudguards, luggage rack, and a powerful front and rear light fitted as standard, it’s ready to go when you are. And with electric assist, you’ll arrive with a spring in your step without having broken a sweat.

Lightweight with easy step-through frame

Weighing just 15.5Kg

As light as low step-through ebikes come.  And we’ve not even removed the pedals to claim a lower weight. It’s so light you can comfortably ride without electric assist. 

Super low step-through frame 

In addition to having a low step-over, the large gap in the frame means you can keep your foot flat and your knee much lower as your foot passes over the frame. Requiring less mobility in your hip joint too; great if you've had a hip replacement or two!

Islabikes electric eJoni frame design

30-40 mile range and 3.5 hour charge time 

Exactly how far depends on what assist settings you use and how much input you have yourself. A bit like a car; drive everywhere in third gear with your foot to the floor, and your mpg will be lower.

A myriad of design considerations

Some big, some small, add up to a bike that is designed for convenience and comfort. 

Electric step-through bike assist with short reach brakes

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