Our new step-through bike for riders with dwarfism

News  |  Feb 22, 2022  |  Dave Bowater
Islabikes Dwarfism Bike

We've increased our range of step-through adult models with a game-changing new bike for riders with disproportionate dwarfism.

We made our name by bucking the trend of the noughties and designing lightweight, well thought out bikes for children – bikes we were told would never sell! Sixteen years later we are still flying the flag for those the cycle industry overlooks, and the new Joni 20 and 24 are no different.

Our new step-through bike, designed with extensive input from Dwarf Sports Association members, is specifically for those with disproportionate dwarfism who want a bike for transport, socialising, or as part of an active lifestyle. The most striking point of difference to a typical bike is the unique frame design. Riders benefit from an upright, comfortable riding position and an ultra-low stepover which offers excellent foot clearance when getting on and off. Combined with proportionally designed components and Islabikes’ passion for simplicity, this results in an innovative, readily available bike that will bring significant change to those who previously had little to no choice.

 The new model is available in 20” and 24” wheel sizes and is manufactured here at our headquarters in Ludlow, Shropshire. They can be ordered directly online or over the telephone for delivery in the UK and Europe.

Tim Goodall, Managing Director says:

“To mass produce, you need a mass market, and mass markets are usually average; average height, average weight, average arms, average legs - you name it, it’s average. That’s great if you’re average, but dreadful if you’re not. We are determined to overcome the barriers that prevent cycling. For the Joni 20 and 24 that means manufacturing them locally in small batches, something we are incredibly excited about.”

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