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Can you imagine a time when raw materials are so scarce and costly that it is no longer viable to make new bicycles? Manufacturing everywhere is based on taking raw materials, turning them into products and when they are finished with, throwing them away. This is wasteful and unsustainable and it has to change. There must be a better way.

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With the Imagine Project we are rethinking the way bicycles will be made and supplied in the future

Ownership as we know it will become a thing of the past. Bicycles will be rented to the user, then when they are finished with they will be returned to the factory, refurbished and rented to another rider. This will prevent precious raw materials going into landfill.

We will have to make bikes that last for much longer than they do now so that we can rent them for as long as possible. The bicycles will be designed so that when they finally reach the end of their lives all raw materials can be separated and reused. This is known as a “closed loop” or “circular” supply chain.

Nothing will go into landfill, indeed, it’s anticipated that raw materials will become so precious that businesses and governments will begin mining our landfill sites later this century to recover what was thrown away in the last.

Follow us on our journey and become a part of the story

We are developing a small range of sustainable bikes which we will manufacture here in the UK. These will be utility “riding to school” bikes that will sit alongside our current models and will be available for our customers to use on a rental-only basis.

This is just the beginning, so availability will be very limited in these early stages; however we will be looking for a modest number of early adopters to play a crucial role in helping us to develop our product, circular manufacturing methods and service. We also hope that by advertising our intentions we will be approached by like-minded businesses and individuals wanting to share ideas or new solutions relating to the circular economy.

To join us on this exciting journey, receive Imagine Project updates and details as to how you might be able to become involved as an early adopter or contributor in the future, please express your interest by sharing some details with us.

Receive Imagine Project updates and details as to how you might be able to become involved as an early adopter or contributor in the future

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Natural reserves cannot last forever

The way in which almost all goods are manufactured and supplied is based on a linear or ‘take, make and dispose’ model. This results in enormous wastage and consumption of precious raw materials at every stage of the process; from extraction and processing through to their manufacture into products, sale and disposal. This can’t continue indefinitely. Discover more.

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Open source

We are committed to transitioning to a circular supply chain and hope that by leading the way others will follow. We therefore intend for the Imagine Project to be open source and will be inviting contributions and sharing our discoveries as the project grows and develops.

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