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The Beinn is a lightweight, all-purpose bike, available in 20, 24, 26 and 27.5 inch wheel sizes. Versatility is the Beinn’s raison d’être, perfect for every adventure.

  • Aluminium frame and fork for lightweight, predictable handling
  • Super low gearing courtesy of an 11-34t cassette, making uphill even easier
  • Proportionately sized components that interact perfectly with the rider.
  • A wide range of accessories, enabling any and all adventures

The Beinn’s technical specification

Discover what the press have to say about Islabikes, including the i newspaper’s Best Buy accolade for the Beinn.

Beinn 24 side shot
Islabikes beinn 1
Islabikes beinn 2
Islabikes beinn 4
Islabikes beinn 4
Kinderfahrrad Islabikes
Islabikes Beinn
  • Lightweight aluminium frame and fork

    Light weight means the Beinn is easier to handle and more enjoyable to ride, it’s simple, but makes a huge difference. The Beinn uses a super lightweight aluminium frame and fork to make manoeuvrability as easy as possible. Perfect for smaller riders who need a bike to match their weight and strength.

Lightweight Beinn
  • Low gearing for conquering climbs

    Hills are hard, there’s no getting around it (pun intended). A wide ratio cassette like the 11-34t cassette featured on the Beinns gives the rider lots of gear options with a low bottom gear in reserve, for when the going gets steep.

Beinn gearing
  • Correctly fitting components matter!

    You could have a great frame and fork, nice graphics and colour options and none of that would matter with poorly fitting components. All Islabikes are fitted with proportionately sized componentry that grows with the range. To make sure everything fits we make our own special tyres, grips, pedals, saddles, handlebars, cranks and more to make for a near tailormade fit.

Beinn componentry
  • Adapt your Beinn to all riding styles

    Just like kids the Beinn thrives on new experiences. It can be used on the road, on the trail, for touring, as an introduction to mountain biking, on the school run… To accommodate an evolving personality the Beinn has a whole host of unique to Islabikes accessories that can be added to make it a specialist at any given pursuit.

Islabikes Beinn brakes
  • The Beinn is the ultimate multi-tasker

    The Beinn has always been our most versatile cycling superhero. Light frames and easily lowered handlebars make them swift on the road. Top quality materials and parts, plus stable handling, keep them tough enough for the wildest off road exploring.

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