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Our lightweight road and cyclo-cross bike. Ride fast on the road, race muddy cyclo-cross, go touring or simply have the fastest bike on the school run.

  • Lightweight frame and carbon forks for responsive handling
  • Disc brakes with easy reach levers for reliable braking in all conditions
  • Clearance for wide tyres – choose from road, ‘cross or gravel options
  • Short-reach shallow drop ‘bars for perfect control
  • 1x lightweight chain-set with a wide-ratio cassette for all types of riding.

The Luath’s technical specification

Islabikes Luath
Islabikes Luath
Islabikes Luath
Islabikes Luath
Islabikes Luath
  • Race ready, lightweight frame and fork

    The Luath has a racing pedigree and is designed to go fast. The key to the Luath’s speed is all down to its lightweight but stiff aluminium frame and the responsive tracking of the lightweight carbon-fibre fork.

Luath lightweight frame
  • Reassuringly powerful braking

    Being fast is all about good brakes. It sounds odd, but it’s true! To have confidence when riding to school, touring, churning up gravel or knocking out laps at a cyclo-cross race you need to know you can scrub off speed and stop when you want to. The Luath features Tektro cable operated disc brakes, paired with easy reach levers and Islabikes’ custom shape dropped handlebar for confidence inspiring braking.

Luath disc brakes
  • Huge tyre clearance for all types of weather and terrain

    Having plenty of frame and fork clearance gives you lots of options when it comes to tyres. The Luath features a choice of tyres at point of purchase from a road, gravel or cyclo-cross tyre. Plenty of clearance also means when the ground turns to slop you’ll keep on rolling with no clogging up.

Luath tyre clearance
  • Confidence and control from custom shallow drop ‘bars

    Drop bar bikes are notoriously awkward for people with small hands. Overly large drops which place the hand too far from the brake levers can make riding a bit scary. On the Luaths we fit custom shaped, narrow drop ‘bars to give easy access to brake levers for those with small hands, giving unparalleled confidence and control.

Luath handlebars
  • Simple gearing is better (and lighter!)

    1 x drivetrains have proven themselves to be the way forward in recent years, keeping transmission simple and more importantly lightweight. We’ve paired our own super narrow Q-factor, 30mm axle cranks with our own narrow-wide chainring to keep things light and simple up front with an 11-34t cassette and Shimano Claris mech at the rear. Bombproof performance and chain retention.

Luath simple gearing
  • A versatile performer

    The Luath can be ridden as a sleek road bike, a tough cyclo-cross performer or you can use it as a gravel bike. Talk to a customer service advisor to select the best tyre options for you and we'll fit them before your bike is dispatched.

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