eJimi adult e-bike – save £700

Lightweight, sure-footed and responsive electric bike with a subtly integrated e-bike system to give you 'just right' support when you need it.

Clearance stock - this is a new bike which we're clearing a small number of because we've taken delivery of the latest model. The main difference is the latest model has an updated ebike system, meaning you can have a wireless display on the handlebars.

We only have the large size on clearance. Please see here for the latest model available in all sizes.

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*For eJimi technical support enquiries you will need a smart device with Bluetooth and the MySmartBike app. The app requires Android 6 or Apple IOS 13 or above.

eJimi specification
  • Lightweight ebike at just 13.8kg. Easy to lift and ride even with the power off
  • Low-stepover – easy to get on and off
  • Features category leading Mahle X35 pedal assist technology which can be fully charged in approximately 3.5 hours
  • Motor tuned to deliver smooth, controllable pedal assist
  • Simple, safe and intuitive handlebar controller with a walk assist mode
  • Light action Grip Shift gears and short reach brake levers are easy to use with limited hand movement and provide maximum control
  • Winner of a RedDot: Product Design 2020 award

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Battery e-Icon charger UK

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Mudgurds, Mudhugger Set Creig XS, S & M, Jimi and e-Jimi.
Mudgurds, Mudhugger Set Creig XS, S & M, Jimi and e-Jimi.

Mudgurds, Mudhugger Set Creig XS, S & M, Jimi and e-Jimi.

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Light, responsive and confidence inspiring

The eJimi’s aluminium frame and carbon fork amount to a featherweight 13.8kg. Its light weight maximises the range of both bike and rider. For full versatility you can fit “Anything Cage” type luggage holders, full mudguards and even a crown mounted light to eJimi’s fork. The super lightweight Islabikes wheels are specifically developed to make tyre fitting and removal easy whilst Schwalbe Rocket Rons are a proven tyre choice.

Low step over

Mounting and dismounting is easy with the eJimi’s low step over frame design. It can be even easier if you add a dropper post. Originally designed solely to help you get lower in the technical sections we have found they are also perfect for riders who find setting off and stopping a challenge. A dropper post allows you to prepare to set off in the saddle with both feet flat on the ground and then raise the saddle once you are riding. You can then lower it again as you prepare to stop – or for the technical stuff!

How far can I ride with electric assist?

Range is difficult to predict because of the varied demands of off-road riding. The amount of electric assistance you use, terrain and surface, your weight, and the temperature, all impact the bike’s range. A 15 mile, muddy, hilly ride using maximum electric assistance on a cold winter’s day will use significantly more ‘juice’ than a 25 mile, flat, dry ride in the summer. At 13.8kg the lightweight eJimi can also be ridden comfortably without assistance.


Technology you can trust

The slim and lightweight Mahle X35+, 250Wh battery inside the eJimi’s downtube is constructed from cells manufactured by Panasonic. The battery reaches full charge in approximately 3.5 hours from flat using the included fast charger.

A system that works for you

The eJimi is pre-programmed with three assistance levels developed to cater for multiple styles of riding. If you would prefer to customise this then it is easy to do with the accompanying MySmartBike app. You can also access additional features such as heart-rate based variable assistance, activity tracking and remote support.

Versatile riding position and light action controls

Sit more upright or get down low. The eJimi’s 17 degree handlebar stem provides a wide range of handlebar adjustment to suit your riding position. Light action Grip Shift gear changing allows you to use the strength of your whole hand to easily change gear. Short reach hydraulic disc brakes are easy to operate with limited hand movement and guarantee consistent, powerful braking in all weather conditions. The ebike controller is simple and easy to use with vibration and LED feedback.

Remarkably low gearing

Low gearing can be the difference between making it up that challenging steep climb and walking. eJimi’s 11-40t, 10 speed wide ratio cassette and 30t single front chainring provides super-low gearing to ride those climbs even without power assist and a top gear that allows you to make full use of the boost from the motor when you want it.

Islabikes size specific cranks and low Q-factor

The eJimi has dedicated crank lengths for each frame size. For smaller riders this reduces the range your hip and knees have to bend when riding, ensures your muscles are operating in their most effective range and that you are more comfortable in the saddle due to the reduced movement at the crotch. The distance between your feet when pedalling, known as the Q-factor, has a significant impact on both your comfort and pedalling efficiency. Our lightweight cranks feature a direct mount narrow-wide chainring and are specifically designed to reduce the Q-factor and so optimise your pedalling.

Carefully prepared by us

Islabikes trained mechanics will assemble and adjust your bike prior to dispatch whilst also fitting any accessories. When it arrives with you, following some minor assembly on arrival, your bike will be ready to go. Your bike comes with a set of hex keys for setup on arrival.

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We are feeling inspired after watching Samantha Saskia Dugon's heart-warming short film of her bikepacking trip across North Wales with her mum. * Please be aware this film contains adult language. *

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