Do you know about our range of unique adult bikes?

News  |  May 13, 2020  |  Dave Bowater

Across the country many of us have been using our daily exercise slot as an opportunity to get out, rediscover our neighbourhood and remind us just how liberating it can be to spend time cycling, walking and exploring.

At the weekend the UK’s transport secretary, Grant Shapps, encouraged us all to continue this and for others to join us - specifically by using cycling or walking as our preferred method of transport as we begin to return to work whilst still social distancing.

This statement has no doubt prompted many of us to consider how we will be travelling to work in the near future.

We have built our reputation as revolutionaries in children’s cycling by concentrating on the details others ignore. But did you know we have applied our design philosophy to a range of unique adult bikes?

Islabikes Joni
Our Icons bikes

Perfect for those new to cycling or coming back to it after a long break. Initially designed for baby boomers and those with mobility issues, we have found from first-hand experience that these bikes are much more than just that.

Our attention to design details ensure you’ll always have the gear you need for that climb. The brakes, gears and steering are as light to operate as the bike itself and a low step-through frame makes getting on and off a breeze. Our Icons models promote confidence, are effortless to ride and are also available in the very small adult sizes that many manufacturers miss.

Furthermore, you can equip your Icons bike with mudguards, luggage rack, panniers and even a mirror for the ultimate commuter bike.

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Islabikes Janis
Struggling to find a size that’s right for you?

We speak to many smaller adult riders that struggle to find a bike that fits them as it should. For some the answer is our Beinn 27 or Luath 700.

An extension of the children’s Beinn range with 27.5 inch wheels and the same do all capability, the Beinn 27 can be equipped with mudguards, luggage rack and a host of other accessories should you wish to.

The Luath is our drop bar option if you prefer something sportier. It can be used both on and off-road with a change of tyres and be fitted with mudguards and luggage rack if you desire.

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Jimi adult mountain bike
Jimi adult mountain bike

Jimi adult mountain bike