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Welcome to the Islabikes parts service.

We provide authentic Islabikes spare parts and other consumables for both children’s and adults’ Islabikes.

Islabikes was founded in 2006 by Isla Rowntree, when she was unable to find a quality children’s bike for her young nephew. For 18 years, the brand led the field of children’s bikes, with innovations in smaller bike components for little hands, and all the other parts that make up your child’s bike. Isla’s exhaustive quest for improvement and her close attention to detail helped hundreds of thousands of children start on their cycling journey, and many are now regional, national and international cycling champions. But it’s not the medals that kept Isla going – it was the thought of giving a child the gift of  lifelong love of cycling.

Islabikes no longer manufacture new bikes. The evolution of other brands in the cycle industry mean that parents can now find a well-designed bike for their child from many other companies. However the Islabike lives on. Many of the original bikes are still being ridden – we see them all across the UK as we ride around, some on their third or fourth or fifth family or their eleventh or twelfth child – still ridden, still loved, still making children smile.

You can order authentic Islabikes spare parts and consumables (such as tyres and innertubes) for any and all Islabikes. Our clear descriptions and images will lead you to choose the right part for your Islabike, however old it is. We’ll tell you whether this is a home fit or when you might need the help of your local bike shop. We hope you and your children will continue to ride and love your bikes, replacing parts as they wear out, and passing them on to younger children when they become too small.

We are now a small (really tiny!) business, with a low environmental impact, trying to keep our bikes going – for you, for your child and future children – and for the planet. Please bear that in mind when contacting us. We will get back to you, but it may take a few days – but hey! A bike is for life, not just for Christmas!

We love seeing Islabikes out on the trails, in local cyclocross races, in parks, and on the roads. We delight in your child’s first unaided pedal strokes on their bike. We relish the adventures that older people have on our Icons and e-bikes.

Help us to keep the Islabikes love alive – get in touch if you need a part, upload your photos to our Instagram page so we can see where you ride, and keep that bike going!