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Safety notice update – fork recall

Applies to Islabikes Creig 20, Beinn 24, Beinn 26 & Beinn 27 sold between 5th October 2019 and 16th May 2022.

You can read our initial safety notice here 

After a thorough investigation, we’ve decided to replace the forks on all Creig 20, Beinn 24, Beinn 26, and Beinn 27 models purchased between 5th October 2019 and 16th May 2022.

We’ve still only had one reported failure and thankfully no-one was injured. Safety is our first priority, so we deem it necessary to replace all potentially affected forks.

It will take some time for us to replace everyone’s forks as they first need manufacturing. This will take longer than we would like due to ongoing supply chain disruption. We estimate that we’ll begin replacing forks in 5 months.

To keep as many children riding as possible, we are offering a temporary failsafe or a replacement bike where possible. Unfortunately, there are a small number of customers who will need to wait for replacement forks before riding their bike again.

Any bikes affected by this recall MUST NOT be ridden until we’ve either supplied a failsafe or replaced the forks.

To everyone affected, we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

See below for further details of the affected models. If you have one of these, please check your emails for a more detailed update specific to you. If you have an affected model but haven’t received an email, please contact us: info@islabikes.co.uk, or 01584 708383.

Identifying the affected models

Creig 20

Creig 20greig 20 (alternative color)

This notice affects all Creig 20 models sold to date. It does not affect Creig 24, 26 or 27.

Beinn 24 / Beinn 26 / Beinn 27

beinn 26Beinn 27

This notice affects all Beinn 24, Beinn 26 and Beinn 27 models purchased after 5th October 2019. If your Beinn 24, Beinn 26, or Beinn 27 has a frame number within the following ranges, your bicycle is affected:

  • AA90502551 - AA91218415
  • AA00129855 - AA11147248

This recall does not affect any other models in our Beinn range.

where to find the frame number

If you still have questions, please email us: info@islabikes.co.uk, or phone: 01584 708383